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Cyanotic - MedPack Vol. 1Cyanotic
Category: Industrial / Ambient
Album: MedPack Vol. 1
Stars: 4
Blurb: Stepping back from brutality to explore a more soundtrack oriented, darkly atmospheric sound, the champions of modern coldwave spread their wings with this teaser EP.


Chicago’s Cyanotic has been riding high on a wave of success thanks to the band’s effective mix of noisy electronics and powerful industrial rock harkening back to the caustic days of coldwave. Having toured and collaborated with and remixed many luminaries of the scene and starting their own label imprint, Glitch Mode Recordings, Sean Payne and his cohorts have become one of the most respected names in the modern underground. The MedPack Vol. 1 EP marks the band’s first release of new material since the 2010’s Medication Generation, marking an atmospheric sojourn into more somber territory that is no less energetic, but perhaps less brutally unforgiving as many would expect from Cyanotic. Beginning with the Grey version of “Monochrome Skies,” whose original version was featured on Medication Generation, we transition from familiar ground into the few hints of what is yet to come. While no less distorted and with no shortage of pummeling beats and harsh synth and guitar textures, this version seems somewhat more melancholy, immediately setting the tone for the EP. Haunting ambient progressions and glitch-laden breakbeats enter in with “A Still Light Sun,” further taking us down a rather chilling and darkly melodic path, aided by muffled twinkles of piano, befitting the band’s description of a “red sun rising over a futuristic metropolis.” The steady tempo continues with “Hibernol” with Hulverhead’s G. Benjamin Ensor contributing some gritty funk bass amid Payne’s subdued rasps, all the while the track building in intensity that stops shy of exploding, but keeping the tension level high for the listener. Finally, “Formless Memories” concludes the EP as a two-part series of chilling electronic passages that would play well in a modern cyberpunk thriller. With a minor and decrepit horn melody between the rhythmic spaces in Part 1, one gets the impression of rainy city streets in a techno film noir akin to Blade Runner, while Part 2 removes the beats and opts for an even darker, more sinister sonic environment that would play well to a cybernetic dream sequence with the whistles of a Shakuhachi-like flute and distant reverberations. Indeed, MedPack Vol. 1 does play out like a soundtrack album, playing as the perfect accompaniment to Cyanotic’s horrific science fiction flights of fancy. It’s gratifying for this listener to hear the band exploring this sonic ground given the dynamics of their past output; full of atmosphere, but usually overshadowed by the brute force of their coldwave leanings. Here, Sean Payne – along with Rabbit Junk’s JP Anderson, Cracknation’s Jamie Duffy, and regulars Chris Hryniewiecki and Tony Smith – looks into Cyanotic’s quieter, more introspective side, and the results are nothing short of mesmerizing. It will be interesting to hear how the band will play this out in the music yet to come.
Track list:

  1. Monochrome Skies (Grey Version)
  2. A Still Light Sun
  3. Hibernol (featuring Hulverhead)
  4. Formless Memories (Part 1)
  5. Formless Memories (Part 2)

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