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Cutoff:Sky - ScarsCutoff:Sky
Category: Industrial / Techno
Album: Scars
Stars: 2
Blurb: An EP to show the dance floor sounds emanating from Moscow.


Russian DJ and producer DJ Xaler has joined the family of artists who have made the transition from simply playing other people’s music to pack the dance floor to making music to pack the dance floor. With this project, Cutoff:Sky, Xaler offers the expected beat heavy aggressive dance floor flavor, but does little to make any sort of mark or produce anything noteworthy in this short EP.

Starting off with “Scars,” Cutoff:Sky shows a troubling inability to work with sampling as the slapdash use of vocal samples from the game Mass Effect play out over annoying synth lines and anemic beats. “Wir Sind Die Nacht (vs. Covenant)” doesn’t fare much better as the best part of this mash-up track is the memories of the Covenant album it pulls from. “Cyclogenesis” and “SDI 2011” are both your typical dance floor aggrotech beat assault with some mildly retro synth lines thrown in that simply make the work feel dated. “Humanity” is the one oddity of the album, going for more of a dark atmosphere that shows a lot more of an original sound, but unfortunately, it drags on a tad too long for its own good.

Not only does Cutoff:Sky seem to follow the trend of DJ to musician, but also seems to simply follow trends in its music. Scars is just too by the numbers and has far too many problems to make any sort of mark to differentiate it from the many nearly identical acts out there. While it is offered for free from the Synth-Me web label, it’s hard to recommend this EP except for cases of extreme desperation for something just marginally different to work into a play list.
Track list:

  1. Scars (Single Version)
  2. Wir Sind Die Nacht (vs Covenant)
  3. Cyclogenesis (Instrumental)
  4. SDI 2011 (Instrumental)
  5. Scars (Project E.V.A. Remix)
  6. Humanity (Feat. The Nameless City)

Cutoff:Sky MySpace http://www.myspace.com/cutoffskymusic
Cutoff:Sky Facebook http://www.facebook.com/cutoffsky.official
Cutoff:Sky SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/cutoff-sky
Synth-Me Website http://synth-me.ru
Synth-Me Facebook http://www.facebook.com/synthme
Trubie Turner (Flexei)

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