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Culture Kultür - Spirit
Culture Kultür
Category: Industrial / EBM / Futurepop
Album: Spirit
Stars: 3
Blurb: Culture Kultür captures the spirit of the dance floor with this new album.


Spain-based industrial artists Culture Kultür are back five years after their Reborn album with Spirit. Following in their previous mode, Culture Kultür provides an atmosphere full of heavy dance beats, sweeping electronics, and deep, impassioned vocals. While the band doesn’t self-identify as such, Culture Kultür’s sound harkens back to the glory days of futurepop, blending it with a more modern EBM technique. While variety may not be in its schema, Spirit is an album for the dance floor and a well executed one at that.

Fueled by strobe lights and stomping rhythms, Spirit rides the upbeat dance model hard, bouncing from track to track with danceable EBM backed by pulsing drum and bass. From opening track “Sieged” to “Drum Machine” to “Never Again,” Culture Kultür hardly lets up from the beat. Only occasionally will the band slow things down a bit, with tracks such as “Silence” and “I Found You” toward the end taking a more airy and light path. The vocals move from seductive to grand in volume and style along with the musical tone. The band’s almost total reliance on this dance feeling allows for limited range of motion, and hinders the band a bit when they tackle the Joy Division classic, “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Here, Culture Kultür’s go-to style kills the mood behind the lyrics of the song in favor of a club-like atmosphere; it’s good for dancing, but its lyrics lose the meaning.

Culture Kultür has come to dance. If you haven’t, then go find a different album. There’s no doubt that Spirit will receive widespread club play, as its tracks are most certainly in the spirit of dancing.
Track list:

  1. Sieged
  2. Blind Man
  3. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  4. Dead Second
  5. Drum Machine
  6. Unforgiven
  7. Toxic Pulse
  8. Never Again
  9. Silence
  10. My Voice
  11. I Found You

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