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Crypts - CryptsCrypts
Category: Industrial / Hip-Hop
Album: Crypts
Stars: 1.5
Blurb: Marrying pseudo hip-hop beats with a little industrial may seem like a good idea, but unfortunately for Crypts, this turns out mediocre results.


Crypts is the latest fusion of random genres, with this random combination being hip-hop and industrial and some calling it witch house, to rise from the grave and begin haunting your ears with a self-titled EP. The beats are big, loud, and noisy while the vocals are muffled and effected as if sung through a lo-fi microphone, but with unfortunate results. The vocals are perhaps a bit over infected as the instrumentation overtakes them at every turn, turning them into almost background noise rather than working together. The electronic instrumentation is also a bit out of place as most tracks don’t match up well with their vocal counterparts and the entire project comes off as if gangster rap tried to invade industrial and failed miserably. “Completely Fucked” begins in a dark and sinister electronic manner with eerie synths and a slow drum step, which segues into “Daft,” a catchy track whose electronics are still a bit boring at best, though the tribal drumbeat is fun. “Territories” has the light electronics that sound almost ethereal and relaxing, later joined by a nice combination of further electronics, but an almost annoying whine and groan vocal combination. Things get dark and slow on “Breathe” as the electronics take on a bit of a rock sound while the drumbeat marches along steadily; unfortunately, it all sounds a bit flat and follow up track “Fancy” isn’t really much different. Dirty fuzzy bass gets catchy on “Smut” and the vocals get a little more coherent surrounded by background pads that pack in and back them up well. The less said about the plodding affair that is “Bloods,” the better as the track boringly flops along against the ears until the chorus builds to its well padded chorus. “Sleazy” ends Crypts with a militaristic march of light drums and electronics and is one of the better offerings found here actually. As a band, Crypts is ambitious and no one can discredit that; however, it is apparent the band may need to return to the drawing board after this one. The plodding and completely devoid of charisma instrumentation makes this one more of an acquired taste as the vocals do little to redeem them. Crypts has something different on its hands, but the execution will need much perfection before it is a stronger offering. No one would blame you if you skip this one and maybe wait for a future release.
Track list:

  1. Completely Fucked
  2. Daft
  3. Territories
  4. Breathe
  5. Fancy
  6. Smut
  7. Bloods
  8. Sleazy

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Crypts SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/crypts
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Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)

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