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Cryogen Second - Anthem for the Great Self DestructCryogen Second
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: Anthem for the Great Self Destruct
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Enhanced production and refined song structure make this full-length debut from Cryogen Second a very worthwhile listening endeavor.


When most people think of Nashville, TN, they would most likely not consider the town to be a hotbed for industrial or harsh electro music. Yet to listen to Anthem for the Great Self Destruct, the full-length debut album from Cryogen Second, one could imagine that only a fervent community could produce such scathing vocals, searing synth leads, and powerful, danceable beats. Following the 2010 Clarity EP, Anthem for the Great Self Destruct shows band leader Eric Sochocki exhibiting a refined sense of arrangement and production, resulting in a cleanly produced yet highly aggressive set of songs that will surely appeal to those whose ears are accustomed to bleeding from distortion overload.

From the hollow and haunting intro of “Theory” leading into the scorching leads and screaming vocals of “Divide,” the stage is set for Cryogen Second’s distinctively abrasive sound. Stuttering sequences and ambient melodies move at a steady rhythm that is too catchy not to dance to, while Sochocki’s screams are sure to elicit bouts of head banging from even the most jaded listener. Returning from the Clarity EP are “Antithetical” and “Clarity,” both given a somewhat updated production job this time around while adhering to their original structures, emphasizing infectious beats and chord progressions befitting any modern club setting. From here, the Cryogen Second formula is deeply entrenched, as Sochocki’s screams are often given flavor by some cybernetic vocoder effects that lend a metallic quality that in tandem with the gritty synths and caustic beats. This is especially noticeable on “The Answer,” which throws in some subtle glitch effects for good measure, while other songs like “Machine” and the title track showcase the band’s penchant for grand soundscapes and drawn out buildups of atmosphere that suddenly explode into bouts if industrial dance mayhem.

Cryogen Second has made some excellent strides in terms of production and song structure, demonstrating on Anthem for the Great Self Destruct a refined sensibility that retains the aggression and edginess of the band’s punk roots. The best example of this is the eight minute epic of “Nihil,” a slow march of ghostly robotic vocals and somber piano accompaniment atop a slow and sublime industrial beat that is pure mood and melody, the threat of all our mechanized assault looming on the horizon, culminating in the instrumental closer of “The Electric Church.” On the other hand, Cryogen Second’s mostly club oriented tracks are so steeped in the tradition of harsh EBM and electro that comparisons to the likes of Psyclon Nine, Unter Null, and Suicide Commando are inevitable. Not that influence is a bad thing, and the band does well to infuse greater variety in its development to move beyond them, making Anthem for the Great Self Destruct a solid and accomplished effort from a fine band that possesses all the chops to become a star in today’s scene.
Track list:

  1. Theory
  2. Divide
  3. Antithetical
  4. Clarity
  5. The Answer
  6. If I Had My Way
  7. Machine
  8. Anthem for the Great Self Destruct
  9. Nihil
  10. The Electric Church

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