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The Crying Spell - Spectrums of LightThe Crying Spell
Category: Electro-pop / Rock / New Wave
Album: Spectrums of Light
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A solid third album from a hot band on the rise, revisiting the neon-lit city streets of ‘80s new wave and synth/rock in fine form.


Seattle’s The Crying Spell is certainly on a fast track toward greater heights of success, having self-released two albums and toured Europe supporting the likes of Killing Joke and Julien-K. With Spectrums of Light, the band’s third full-length, The Crying Spell is poised to take its ‘80s-inspired pop/rock and new wave sound to an even larger audience. Heavy on the warm and fat synth sounds of three decades past with all of the pop predilections of the time, but topped off with Len Hotrum’s passionately human voice and a fair helping of grinding organic guitars and drums, Spectrums of Light comes off as no mere rehash of a bygone era. From the harmonious vocal interplay on tracks like “Crash into the Sun” offset by a shimmering yet minimal guitar solo, to the chiming echoes amid sparkling synths on “Lipstick Crush” evoking images of a neon-lit romantic evening, Spectrums of Light is as sugary and bittersweet as the most sardonic pop hit from the ‘80s. “Sailing On” is an almost alarmingly bouncy and undeniably catchy electro/disco track with twinkling synths, classic drum machine handclaps, and lush vocals, while “We’re on Fire” evokes the influence of U2’s The Edge with sparkling guitar delay adding to the swirling pads as the chorus jumps into an energetic and saccharine helping of synth/rock. “Shatter” is notable for its waves of atmospheric pads playing well to Hotrum’s desolate and despairing croon, cracking ever so slightly as he moves between the depths and the heights of emotion. While comparisons to the acts of the day and other modern day emulators are sure to abound, this does little to dissuade The Crying Spell from declaring “This Is Our Time” with an anthemic chorus that somehow reminds as much of the likes of David Bowie as it does A Flock of Seagulls, and from the ambient march of opening track “5:18 AM” and the infusion of heavy rock power on the epic closer “Shoulder of Giants,” complete with a blistering guitar solo, the band does well to bring a more thoughtful and edgy element to its songwriting. Hopefully, Spectrums of Light is an indication that The Crying Spell has plans to take its affinity for ‘80s electro-pop/rock to another level on future releases, but as it stands, this is a solid outing from a band with a bright future.
Track list:

  1. 5:18 AM (Spectrums of Light)
  2. Sailing On
  3. Elemental
  4. This Is Our Time
  5. Crash into the Sun
  6. Never Before
  7. The Dead War
  8. We’re on Fire
  9. Lipstick Crush
  10. Hot Secret Hotel
  11. Shatter
  12. Butterfly Hurricane
  13. Shoulders of Giants

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