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Crud - Crud on Monster IslandCrud
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Crud on Monster Island
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Replacing grindhouse for Kaiju, Detroit’s fetish rock extravaganza offer a sophomore album perfect for midnight races, stripteases, and B-grade horror films.


Hailing from Detroit, Crud offer up a second album’s worth of their own special brand of Motor City madness, taking the formulas established by their first album, 2005’s Devil at the Wheel, even further. Well… that is generally the idea one would like to see pursued on a sophomore album, but listening to Crud on Monster Island, there’s very little in the way of evolution of sound or style as the band gives us more of the same thing. Not that that’s necessarily a criticism since the band’s effective blend of industrialized energy and highly sexual rock & roll adrenaline has enough appeal for a wide audience. There is much to behold on songs like “Monster a Go Go,” or opening track “Bomb Bomb,” both prime examples of Crud’s mesh of classic rock & roll in the vein of Chuck Berry with the stripper pole antics of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and the B-grade horror mania of Rob Zombie or even The Misfits. David Black’s caustic guitar is as gritty as it is noisy, evoking the restrained simplicity of Robin Finck or John 5 during their tenures with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, respectively. This is especially so in the raucous riffs of “Fire,” playing perfectly with the sultry female vocals, slithery bass lines courtesy of Dana Forrester, and some playful trumpet refrains that remind this listener of the original shock rocker, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. All the while, the vocal interplay between Vin Dombrowski and Danielle Arsenault owes as much to the B-52s as it does to KMFDM, which is particularly evident on “The Devil is a Patient Man” and the closing track, “Die with the Sinners,” which moves at a breakneck speed that one can imagine the song blasting through the speakers while driving alongside a fellow racer along two lane blacktop. In essence, Crud on Monster Island is everything Devil at the Wheel was, though little else. The only discernible change is the switch from the grindhouse imagery of the first album toward Japanese Kaiju, complete with the Kanji characters and images of Arsenault in a leopard skin outfit, towering over a jungle landscape doing battle with a gorilla in a space helmet with a human skull for a head. It’s all appropriately outrageous, campy fun. But this is Crud; that’s what this band does, and Crud does it very well. If you like your rock & roll sexy, simple, and schlocky, then Crud on Monster Island delivers in spades.
Track list:

  1. Bomb Bomb
  2. We’ll Not be Broken
  3. Balaam’s Ass Speaks
  4. Monster a Go Go
  5. The Devil is a Patient Man
  6. I’ll be Damned
  7. The Man Goes Down
  8. Fire
  9. Die with the Sinners

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