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Crisis Actor - Slave New WorldCrisis Actor
Category: EBM / Electro / Industrial
Album: Slave New World
Stars: 4
Blurb: SNOG’s David Thrussell and Gnomes of Kush’s Tony D’Oporto form Crisis Actor to offer a pure and primal brand of EBM topped off with their signature brand of sociopolitical and conspiratorial satire.


Crisis Actor showcases the collective talents of SNOG’s David Thrussell and Gnomes of Kush’s Tony D’Oporto, the two continuing their observations of societal collapse and materialistic gluttony into a more danceable format than either of their primary outlets. Audiences first received a taste of the pair’s electrified dynamic with the “Superstar” and “Electronic Eye” singles, both providing ample indication of just what Thrussell and D’Oporto were capable of as a unit. As such, Slave New World presents a decidedly old school approach with lyrics that are as politically and conspiratorially effective as they are catchy amid pulsating beats and bass lines that is sure to surprise some, and likely to please even more.

Indeed, the album begins with “Electronic Eye,” setting the stage with a striking bass line and stomping beat, the raspy whispered vocals particularly noteworthy as they are delivered with a false affection that almost seems to be a love letter to the early European acts like DAF or Liaisons Dangereuses. Minimalism and simplicity are the orders of the day as each track stimulates the listener’s ears with a straightforward helping of looped sequences and powerful rhythms to serve as a backdrop for the pair’s sociopolitical diatribes; for instance, after an ominous and almost retro sounding pad progression, “Death by Selfie Stick” gets the blood pumping with a simple techno beat and layers of squelching synths, the lyrics sardonically referring to humanity as a species driven to extinction by its own vanity and hubris. It’s darkly humorous and satirical, of course, but the track is sure to get people’s feet moving on the dance floor. In a similar fashion, “#Pizzagate” sounds like it could’ve been a track lifted from Front 242’s Tyranny >For You<, a slow beat underscoring waves of celestial pads and percolating sequences that wax and wane in a two note pattern, the lyrics playfully referring to the debunked conspiracy theory about a Satanic child sex ring, which is mentioned again in “Atmosphere” as the refrains of “Get me out of here” plead for release from the insanity of Earth in favor of the interstellar unknown. Other tracks like “Bringer of War” with is subtle warbles of bass and breakbeats, and the ambient washes of “Abramović” and “The Dissonant Reality Show,” especially the latter with its funky trip-hop bounciness, offer up some more stylistically experimental moments to keep Slave New World from deteriorating from an excess of repetition.

With the trends of retro new wave and proto-industrial currently in vogue, Slave New World should be a welcome reminder of the earliest EBM and techno, given an added dimension of freshness by the kind of modern production that should be expected of musicians of Thrussell’s and D’Oporto’s caliber. Crisis Actor offers up a truly pure form of EBM and primal industrial – whether your pleasure is lyrics addressing the political climate of a world gone mad or simply to lose yourself in bodily abandon on the dance floor, this band will meet your needs marvelously.
Track list:

  1. Electronic Eye
  2. Superstar
  3. The New Dark Age
  4. Death by Selfie Stick
  5. Bringer of War
  6. The Dissonant Reality Show
  7. #Pizzagate
  8. Atmosphere
  9. Tor
  10. Abramović

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