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Covenant - Last DanceCovenant
Category: Electro / EBM / Synthpop
Album: Last Dance
Stars: 3
Blurb: The Last Dance EP might possibly showcase what to expect on the forthcoming album Leaving Babylon, but it definitely shows how versatile the band can be with its sound and new members.


Covenant, which implies a promise to commitments and a strong bond, has been around for nearly four decades and has gone through many changes in that time, but both Eskil Simonsson and Joakim Montelius have remained the core members of the band. The earliest embodiment of the band consisted of six members, but today, Covenant is made up of four studio members and three live members. There have been a couple of changes within the band recently – Daniel Myer left the band after the last album to focus more on his own band Haujobb and was replaced by Andreas Catjar, a composer of film and theater music. Daniel Jonasson of the band Dupont completes the Covenant lineup with his contribution on keyboards, and with this lineup, the band is once again an all Swedish ensemble. The title track “Last Dance,” written by Simonsson, is taken from the forthcoming album Leaving Babylon. It’s a conventional Covenant song with the familiar baritone voice of Simonsson accompanied by superb synths, penetrating bass lines, and a melody that has the power to haunt but still remain slightly poppy. Fans that prefer the edgier Covenant sound might like the Modulate remix better and this song will surely see the dark of night in some of the best industrial dance clubs. The final version of “Last Dance” slows the tempo a bit to create a much darker feel. One of the most interesting things about the EP is each bandmember has written a song for it, leaving his own personal mark. The track “We Go Down,” written by Montelius, is a bit more playful with its percussion and simple bass line, making it a somewhat funky, catchy tune. “I Scan the Surface” is written by Jonasson and is quite a quirky track with a bouncy background combined with Simonsson’s dark and gloomy vocals. The EP finishes with “Slowdance” feeding off the dark feel of the third version of “Last Dance” and plunges into an even darker, ambient style, all while Simonsson renders a great spoken word performance. The Last Dance EP provides just a taste of what fans can expect from the new album and what directions it might take. This seems like just the beginning of the new incarnation of Covenant and it exposes the fact that these Swedes have infinite creativity.
Track list:

  1. Last Dance
  2. We Go Down
  3. Last Dance (Modulate Remix)
  4. I Scan the Surface
  5. Last Dance (Version)
  6. Slowdance

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