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Corresponding Handpieces - Lion EaterCorresponding Handpieces
Category: Experimental / Alternative
Album: Lion Eater
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Randomness from beat boxing to guitar creates a somewhat compelling but ultimately horribly flawed experimental design.


Evan and Dave hung out one day and then suddenly a band was formed; it sounds random because it is and there is no better word to describe Corresponding Handpieces or the album Lion Eater. The music is seemingly patched together with bandages and wires in such a way that isn’t devoid of personality; however, this doesn’t save it from the lackluster sound quality and vocals that seem as if they were sung through a telephone and a fan. The off key singing isn’t terrible in some spots, but in others, it becomes a static mess when the instrumentation kicks in and the two begin to screech into your stereo as if they were trying to rip your skin from your ears. “Pure Radio Hymnal” begins on a seemingly industrial note with its static electronics, but slowly transforms into a lo-fi laser alarm segment with guitars laid on top of them – not actually a bad opener as the elements of the song combine well. “The Problem is You” is upbeat and catchy, but its one of the songs where the recording levels of the vocals and instrumentation overlap terribly and it is a bit repetitive after about the first minute-and-a-half in. Random is still the name of the game as you’re slapped in the face with a cover of Kesha’s “We R Who We R” and as creative as the track is, the off key vocals and guitar don’t mix well during the chorus section, though you won’t be able to hold back your laughter while it plays. If you’re looking for a track that seems a little more on the side of normalcy, “Idiot Blood” has you covered and dances around lightly with ambience and electric guitar, even giving itself a catchy, repeatable chorus for listeners to play with. The spoken word piece “Life of the Party” has an electric growl that actually coils with the light drums that sound as if they were made by bagging on a pot, but the vocals here not only sound crisp but insanely charismatic making this one a standout among the others. “Decline” is hard not to find interesting as the drumbeat is obviously done by someone’s mouth and the guitar plays along with them making this track surprisingly endearing and fun to hear. “Teach Me Speaking” is repetitive in all the right ways, but does once again have a sound quality and leveling problem that sounds unfocused and cluttered, which is unfortunate because its another track that shows potential and charisma. Corresponding Handpieces doesn’t have a winner on its hands, but Lion Eater isn’t a loser either. The sound problems can easily be fixed and the offbeat charm enhanced to make the music more enjoyable. The singing is off at times, fluid and well done at others, the instrumentation sometimes matching but the random sounds don’t mix so the experimentation isn’t perfect, though it has its moments. If you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to hear Lion Eater and maybe it’ll win you over with what it does right. However, don’t be too surprised if it loses you due to what it does wrong.
Track list:

  1. Pure Radio Hymnal
  2. The Problem is You
  3. Perpetual Seizure
  4. We R Who We R
  5. Save the Leaves
  6. Idiot Blood
  7. Life of the Party
  8. Decline
  9. Teach Me Speaking
  10. The Groveling Clouds (Reprise)
  11. Susan’s Lampshade
  12. Sweet & Final

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