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Corporate X - The X ProjectCorporate X
Category: Electro-pop
Album: The X Project
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Saccharine and sweet, this second EP from Chicago’s Corporate X is filled to the brim with electro-pop goodness.


Five years after releasing the Surrender EP, Chicago’s electro-pop powerhouse Corporate X returns with a new set of lushly produced, airily luscious tunes that are sure to melt even the most hardened rivethead’s heart. Right from the onset of the rhythmic and saccharine “Catch Me,” The X Project begins with a burst of energy so sensually catchy and danceable that the listener will likely have a difficult time keeping still. To bookend the EP, a remix by band member, producer, and former Die Warzau alumni Van Christie of “Catch Me” ends the EP with pulsating synth bass and throbbing rhythms that with Casper Xavier’s ambient guitars and Christine DeLeon’s passionate vocal harmonies makes for a wonderfully poppy dance track.

While the band’s lovely mix of edgy production and heartily crafted pop is certainly worthy of mainstream attention, their very moniker and working method clearly eschews such trappings. The ethereally produced guitars underlying the bouncy rhythms and melodies of “Take Me Away” don’t make for the typical radio-friendly fare, but are appealing and lovely all the same, while the cover of “Valerie Loves Me” from powerpop legends Material Issue is as groovy as the original but given Corporate X’s electrified touch of entrancing synthesized atmosphere. As well, the fluttery “Sound of Nothing” twinkles succulently while “Leave Me Alone” offers a bit of bombastic power. Alas, The X Project is as painfully brief as Surrender, offering the same format of five songs and a lone remix, but the strength of the songwriting and the polish of the production beckon repeated listening and instill a desire in the listener for more. Should the band manage to maintain this level of quality and perhaps pave a swifter path on future releases, then Corporate X will have much to offer audiences for years to come and perhaps even overcome the machinations of the mainstream.
Track list:

  1. Catch Me
  2. Sound of Nothing
  3. Take Me Away
  4. Valerie Loves Me
  5. Leave Me Alone
  6. Catch Me (Remix)

Corporate X Website http://cxband.com
Corporate X Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Corporate-X/29212837113
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