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Controlled Collapse - Dzień Sądu EPControlled Collapse
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Dzień Sądu EP
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Brief yet haunting release that fathoms some truly inspiring things on the horizon of this Polish act.


Still operating under the radar of the bulk of the industrial audience, Controlled Collapse returns to the front with material that heralds the band’s third album. Far from the EBM influenced misdemeanors of the debut and scattered tones of the sophomore release, this newest EP is a slice of focused and powerful songwriting that borrows the best of what the genre has to offer and arranges it into a new and worthwhile order.

The core of the EP, the titular “Dzień Sądu” (“Judgment Day”) explodes powerfully with an energizing arrangement of guitars and distortions that immediately bring to mind the work of Android Lust on the seminal Stripped and Stitched. Far from blunt mimicry though, Controlled Collapse appears to share the same flair for engaging and memorable songwriting and aural similarities with Shikhee’s sensibility heighten the track’s fragile balance between melody and noise. The ever ubiquitous elements of dubstep punctuate the aggressive composition that expertly moves through several dramatic and angst-ridden choruses until the track’s inevitable crescendo that leaves the listener emotionally challenged and fulfilled. The Apokatastasis remix by R010R amplifies the track’s most accomplished elements and despite the considerate pace earns a commendation for highlighting its menacing and atmospheric tone.
The mix of “Cube” opts for distinctly clean danceable electro that front man Wojciech Król perfected with his Clicks side project. Underlined by the same haunting current that dominated “Dzień Sądu,” the track unfolds with the flair of an immediate club hit defined in equal parts by the infectious beat and memorable hook. The glitches and marching rhythms of “G.I.Joe” in some ways link the EP to the releases that preceded it, closing the EP on a solid if not ground breaking note.

Even if Controlled Collapse’s previous effort, Things Come to Pass, despite the overriding excellence of its content, was pulled in several different directions, as if employed to map the extent of Król’s industrial influences, this EP clearly establishes him as a musician conscious of the beats that stimulate audiences to dance, grinding textures that unsettle, and powerful melodies that leave a lasting impression. On this basis alone, the upcoming Babel shapes to be a stimulating and focused experience and Dzień Sądu serves as a small but tasty sample.
Track list:

  1. Dzień Sądu
  2. Cube (3mix by The .invalid)
  3. Dzień Sądu (Apokatastasis Remix by R010R)
  4. G.I.Joe (Silent)

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