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Controlled Bleeding - Carving SongsControlled Bleeding
Category: Industrial / Noise / Experimental
Album: Carving Songs
Blurb: Controlled Bleeding carves a path through familiar soundscapes with a new remix album as diverse and avant-garde as Controlled Bleeding is, a testament to what a remix album should be and a delight for fans.


To say that Controlled Bleeding’s discography is prolific would be an understatement. Since 1978, Controlled Bleeding’s central creative force, Paul Lemos, has produced over 30 full-length releases and a plethora of work that includes 110 compilation appearances. While Lemos’ contemporaries like Einstürzende Neubauten, Coil, and Throbbing Gristle have at least flirted with mainstream notoriety, Controlled Bleeding remains the staunch avant-garde musical experiment it began has. Throughout the 30+ year history, Controlled Bleeding has dabbled in nearly every genre while keeping an eye on the fundamental tone of its central tenant: that the musical landscape is fluid and not static. Now, Controlled Bleeding returns with a remix CD that continues the legacy of industrial music since its inception.

Carving Songs is the remix album to 2016’s Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps and true to Controlled Bleeding’s longstanding history, the remixes are just as diverse. The album’s opening track, “TROD (Defiler’s Song)” is a noisy, in-your-face throw down, while the following track, the Monolake remix of “Carving Songs” is a more late ‘80s industrial experiment. But wait… it gets weirder. The Barnacles remix of “As Evening Implodes” is a subtle blend of classical, progressive, or postmodern rock with just a hint of industrial noise at the edges; as odd as that sounds, it works incredibly well and demonstrates that Carving Songs is no mere remix album, but rather a reimagining of Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps, replete with diverse interpretations.

The remainder of the record continues to swagger, stomp, and sway from art gallery to gutter and porn theater. It’s brilliant in its dissonance and enigmatic in composition. That said, it’s not necessarily a good primer for Controlled Bleeding – while a worthwhile and great addition to a lengthy discography, this is a release for established fans, and it’s worth noting that those fans are absolutely in for a treat. Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps is an excellent album full of rich complexities on its own, while Carving Songs is a trip through those familiar vistas through new filters and different lenses.
Track list:

  1. TROD (Defiler’s Song)
  2. Carving Song [Monolake Remix]
  3. As Evening Implodes [Barnacles Remix]
  4. The Swarm of Sweettooth [Child Bite Remix]
  5. Carving Song [Remix by Child Abuse]
  6. As Evening Fades [Murmur Remix by Renaldo & The Loaf]
  7. Carving Song [Zeitkratzer Remix]
  8. Swarm [Remix by Justin K. Broadrick / Godflesh]
  9. As Evening Fades [Remix By Ramleh]
  10. Garage Dub [Rothko Remix]
  11. Needlle Evening [Remix by Tim Story]
  12. The Controlled Bleeding – Perks Pt 1 [Perv Mix]
  13. Carving Song [Remix by Ron Anderson]
  14. A Loathing Supreme [Remix by Crowhurst]
  15. Driving Through Darkness Lights Off [Remix by Jean-Jacques Birgé]
  16. Fusion Song [Contrast Remix by Le Syndicat]
  17. Carving Song [Helene Sage Remix]
  18. Driving Further into Darkness [Isobel Morris Remix]
  19. Carving Song [Weasel Walter Remix]
  20. Perks of Being a Perv [Remix By Merzbow]
  21. As Evening Fades [Meatleg Remix]

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