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Control Human Delete - The Prime MoverControl Human Delete
Category: Industrial / Black Metal
Album: The Prime Mover
Stars: 3
Blurb: An inspired merging of industrialized atmospheres with the onslaught of black metal, simultaneous enhanced and marred by its technical complexity.


Black metal and industrial music both employ heavily distorted atmospheres, often bleak lyrics with darkly transcendent themes, and usually no small helping of percussive force. The merging of these two genres is certainly nothing new in this day and age, but with The Prime Mover, Control Human Delete seek to push past the parameters of either genre in a continual search for something distinct. As “New Replicators” begins, a gritty mechanical whirring enters as a machine revving up to reveal a grim static over which distant transmissions about mankind’s eventual evolution and journey to the stars. At this point starts a progression of staccato guitar riffs and percussion, a virulent display of synth arpeggios creating a remarkable interplay with the malevolent growling vocals. From here, the song extends into an almost orchestral arrangement of discordant guitars and harmonious electronics, augmented by frantic displays of tight drum programming combined with live percussion, showcasing in eight-and-a-half minutes the band’s technical prowess that encompasses the whole of The Prime Mover. Throughout the album, Control Human Delete do well to balance the organic and synthetic elements, as every riff and drumbeat is clearly enhanced by precision editing to match the precision of the electronics, keyboard and guitar solos exchanging prominence in equal measure. This is especially so on the two-part “Continuous Data,” moving from an intro at once spacious and robotic to a procession of guttural chugs and lyrics of pseudo-mathematical/philosophical musings that could rival the best moments of Tool. Once again, synth and guitar arpeggios with squelching keyboard solos underscore vicious displays of guitar-laden atmosphere, giving an impression of ‘70s prog rock filtered through modern black metal as layers of metallic scrapes and blastbeats by way of electronic kicks keeping the industrial edge from beginning to end. With the latter being notable for its glitchy keyboards almost mimicking what would usually be reserved for guitar, although the spoken word atop creepy ambience in the midsection does jump out at the listener, tracks like “Shapeshifting” and the concluding “Recurrence” follow in the same vein, which does indicate the ultimate weakness in The Prime Mover. While there is a strong sense of musicianship and production at work, the juxtaposition of industrial soundscapes and extreme metal composition making for a highly satisfying dynamic, there is little to behold beyond the technical aspects of the band’s music. Granted, black metal is not particularly known for strong hooks or melodies, and there are moments sprinkled in each song that the listener can latch onto, like the coda of “Recurrence” or the vicious chorus breakdown of “Transporter,” but overall, The Prime Mover overwhelms in its complexity but misses the mark on songwriting. Fans of extreme metal will find much to behold in the rather inspired incorporation of industrialized electronics only adding to the music’s venomous power, while fans of the other end of the spectrum may have to struggle just a bit.
Track list:

  1. New Replicators
  2. Transporter
  3. Continuous Data, Part 1
  4. Continuous Data, Part 2
  5. Shapeshifting
  6. Earth-Like Behavior
  7. Recurrence

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