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Contaminated Intelligence - Shutting DownContaminated Intelligence
Category: Industrial
Album: Shutting Down
Stars: 2
Blurb: A tepid assortment of extraneous remixes that may at least interest industrial noise aficionados, but ultimately fails to yield anything noteworthy.


Utah may not be the first place to come to mind when one thinks of industrial music, but from within this strange locale comes Contaminated Intelligence, who seems on a mission to punish your speakers with the abrasive Shutting Down single. With the song starting off with a steady pace of scraping electronics and sparse atmosphere that hints at a bass line that gradually makes itself more apparent as the track wears on, Jourdan Maggot Turner belts out a distorted, rhythmic vocal that bears the cadence of hip-hop if filtered through Nivek Ogre’s effects rack from the early days of Skinny Puppy. The lyrics are virtually unintelligible, partially due to the effects but mostly due to Turner’s complete abandon, his voice descending into an aimless screech that renders the song little more than an exercise in rebellious noise. Among the following remixes, veteran act Mentallo and the Fixer contributes four versions; while all are engaging and rather caustic in their respective treatments, shifting the pitch of the vocals down for a decidedly more ominous flavor and the acidity of the beats being given especial prominence to make each remix a veritable stomp fest, there is also the plain and simple fact that they are rather extemporaneous. The Hazmat mix does contain a cavernous ambient wail in lieu of a discernible bass progression, while the Closed Casket mix adds some metallic glitches to the beats for good measure, but these elements do little to differentiate these two versions from the others. The slow chug of guitars on the Gunslinging Strip Club mix by Cralen does well to give the track a sleazier vibe befitting its name, while Aestetische’s bouncy dark electro treatment on the Rigor Mortis mix is excellent dance floor fodder that is probably the catchiest track on the single. Finally, Attrition’s Burial mix emphasizes a scathing gothic, almost early industrial feel reminiscent of the band’s earlier output, ending with a sullen cello that adds a mournful atmosphere and would have made an excellent closer for the single. Alas, the Shutting Down single simply relies too heavily on the presence of a single remixer without exploring the greater sense of variety offered by the other contributors. This makes for an overly long and beyond tepid listen that might have been better served by the addition of either less remixes or perhaps a secondary or B-side track. As such, Contaminated Intelligence simply misses the mark and seems to have a long road ahead before Turner can take the act anywhere notable.
Track list:

  1. Shutting Down
  2. Shutting Down (Gunslinging Strip Club Mix by Cralen)
  3. Shutting Down (Hazmat Mix by Mentallo and the Fixer)
  4. Shutting Down (Rigor Mortis Mix by Aesthetische)
  5. Shutting Down (Union Pacific Mix by Mentallo and the Fixer)
  6. Shutting Down (Burial Mix by Attrition)
  7. Shutting Down (Derailment Mix by Mentallo and the Fixer)
  8. Shutting Down (Closed Casket Mix by Mentallo and the Fixer)

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


  1. Dragan says:

    Reviewer sucks cuz he obviously has no clue about INDUSTRIAL music

    • Ilker Yücel says:

      Aw, you’re so cute Dragan. =)

      • Dragan says:

        Thanks,not trying to be,just my opinion,my review of the review,as a fan,experienced consumer of industrial music,and artist myself. Feel free to remember me,and one day review my work too,luckily it wont have any effect on the right people,as the only reason i stumbled upon this,is the artist himself , CI

      • Ilker Yücel says:

        Bottom line, I wish CI luck. I personally didn’t think much of this single and quantified my opinion in this ReView. You don’t agree because you like him. That’s fine. Wanna tell me I suck? That’s fine. I don’t know you and don’t give a shit. You’re entitled to like who you wish, and I never claimed that my objective analysis is meant to be accepted as gospel. People have their own opinions and can think and feel how they wish. If CI wants to grow as an artist, he can either take what was a constructive (if negative) criticism, cull from it what he will, and use it to improve his craft… or he can ignore it, go about his merry way, listening to people he does care about who will probably never give him an objective opinion, and he’ll do what he wants. There is no right or wrong way. I sincerely doubt that he’ll grow to the same adulation as Skinny Puppy or Throbbing Gristle or KMFDM or Neubauten, but time will tell, and once again, I wish him luck.

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