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ConformCo - Eighty Sixed (Maxi Single)CONFORMCO
Category: Industrial
Album: Eighty-Sixed (Maxi Single)
Blurb: A new collaborative project of some of the Chicago industrial music scene’s most respected figures, delivering a powerful single that recalls the aesthetics of the ‘80s WaxTrax! era with unbridled precision and vigor.


So, what would you get if you put together two of the Chicago industrial music scene’s most capable and prolific performers together? In the case of Cyanotic’s Sean Payne and Project .44’s Chris Harris, the result is CONFORMCO, with the Eighty-Sixed maxi single being the collaborative project’s first release. With a driving beat and clever integration of samples with sparse but punchy vocals that evoke both the punk rock spirit of the early ‘80s underground and the drugged out early ‘90s sound of Chemlab, the song is presented in three different but complementary versions, all of which feature their own nuances and primed for the industrial dance floor. Driven by a clanging hook of orchestral hits bears a resemblance to P.T.P.’s “Show Me Your Spine” from the Robocop soundtrack, and with repeated distorted growls of “I mock your value system” derived from a sample from The Simpsons, “Eighty-Sixed” is something of a modern classic – a successful conglomeration of elements of the industrial music scene’s history into a familiar yet fresh audio killer. The Into the Cut Funk-O-Tron dub mix is especially noteworthy as the irresistible bass lines add a pronounced groove to the song, making it this writer’s personal favorite, while the single is rounded out by a cover of Revolting Cocks’ “Attack Ships on Fire.” With the Blade Runner sample establishing the cybernetic atmosphere, the track is a faithful recreation of the original song with fellow Chicago legend Jim Marcus delivering a fierce vocal performance reminiscent of his earliest days in Die Warzau. Though the single only contains two songs in four tracks and runs a little over 22 minutes total, Eighty-Sixed is packed full of 100% Chicago industrial power; on top of that, the sense of enjoyment that had to have been experienced by the musicians can be felt with every pounding drumbeat, every throbbing bass note, and every malignant sample. As a pay-what-you-want item on Bandcamp, there’s no reason CONFORMCO shouldn’t become among the more popular of the Windy City’s eminent collaborations.
Track list:

  1. Eighty-Sixed
  2. Eighty-Sixed [12-Inch Extended Mix]
  3. Eighty-Sixed [Into the Cut Funk-O-Tron Dub]
  4. Attack Ships on Fire

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