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Concrete Lung - Subtract NerveConcrete Lung
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Subtract Nerve
Stars: 3
Blurb: Apocalyptic dirge by way of guttural industrial metal, Concrete Lung’s latest EP is a fine retreading of a familiarly decrepit sound.


From a fine tradition of lo-fi electronics and programming as the backbone to a devastating new form of metal, forged by the likes of Godflesh, early Pitch Shifter, and even MINISTRY, comes UK’s Concrete Lung. With Subtract Nerve, the duo of William Riever and Ed_Oxime continues along the path paved by previous releases toward heavier and more decrepit atmospheres, mirroring the cloudy grey skies of the band’s native Manchester. A sharply dissonant blend of static and vocals samples begin “User,” a whispered voice steadily introducing a slow procession of marching drums. The beat picks up and a guttural blow of mechanical drums and guitars enter as Ed_Oxime’s growling vocals enter, a background choir augmenting the chord progressing and giving a feeling akin to Celtic Frost meets Godflesh. The pace picks up for “Self – Shriek (Intensity)” and “Rot and Seethe,” the menacing display of industrialized death metal especially on the latter track reminding this writer of Fear Factory’s Soul of the Machine, the juxtaposition of simple but abrasive electronics working well with the hollow darkness of the guitars and vocals. The apocalyptic crawl of “Waste” takes the listener further down the murky road, the distortion fading for only a moment, revealing the rusted mechanical simplicity of the drumbeat, while “Flux” is notable for the squelches of skittering electronic glitches almost-but-not-quite drowned out by the oppression of the guitars. Closing Subtract Nerve out is “Pain” in which samples of a swinging jazzy horn section atop static eventually decay into a cacophonous and crushing display of electronic noise and shouted vocals, the samples returning to close us out in a markedly creepy fashion. Concrete Lung maintains with Subtract Nerve its cold, grey aesthetic, evoking images of smoke-filled skies and ravens in search of new souls to transport to realms beyond death. While the production is perhaps more refined, it still maintains a bleak and dirty atmosphere that serves the bitterness and despair of the music and lyrics quite well. Concrete Lung offer up a style of industrial metal few dare to retread; listen and tremble.
Track list:

  1. User
  2. Self – Shriek (Intensity)
  3. Rot and Seethe
  4. Waste
  5. Flux
  6. Pain

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