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Concrete Lung - FumesConcrete Lung
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Fumes
Blurb: Still crushing in its monolithically distorted and doom-laden metal onslaught, the droning and mechanized elements of Concrete Lung’s brand of industrial/metal are more pronounced and as unrelenting as can be.


Founded in 2007, Manchester’s Concrete Lung – the duo of William Riever and Ed_Oxime – has spent the better part of 10 years honing a bleak and brutal brand of industrial/metal that with this latest album, Fumes, strikes a balance between the extremes of organic and synthetic textures for that self purported “grey as fuck” aesthetic. With each progressive release, the band’s emphasis on doom-laden metal has grown, with the 2014 album Tolerance & Dependency treading shakily close to any traces of electronic element being obscured beyond recognition. Thankfully, while the electronics are still understated in favor of the monolithic onslaught of distorted guitars and growling vocals, their presence is more noticeable in establishing an atmospheric backdrop to the record’s seven tracks. For instance, as “Dissension I” enters with a virulent assault of noise and feedback, the heavily effected vocals roaring and belching amid sparse but monstrous percussion reverberates into a cacophonous audio nightmare, while “Dissension II” adds a more rhythmic component with marching beats and shrilly bass drones scraping across the speakers, threatening to rupture your eardrums. In fact, it may take a few listens to notice, but this droning pervades the entire album to anchor it firmly in a pungent sonic miasma appropriate to the title of Fumes – introduced as a subsonic ambience in “The Harbinger” and persistently heard in later entries like “When the Blind Man Sees You” and the rhythmically penetrating and demonic title track. Coldly lo-fi and tightly programmed, the percussion bears the mechanistic signatures that will surely remind listeners of early Pitchshifter and Godflesh, yet unlike the previous album, they are mixed this time to a sharpness that does not belie their synthetic nature. Couple that with guitars and bass so overdriven and lowly tuned as to crush one’s soul, as well as vocals that croak and howl with a harsh venom that would rival the blackest Scandinavian metal, and Concrete Lung delivers with Fumes the sort of relentless audio punishment that has made the group one of the genre’s most vicious entities of the last decade. Even the album’s more pensive moments, usually reserved for brief interludes of introspective ambience, are filled with the inexorable screams of industrialized noise – machines on the precipice of functionality, keeping the listener in a constant state of dread and anxiety. As such, Fumes is perhaps Concrete Lung’s loudest and most aggressive record to date, a malevolent and uncompromising statement of the band’s industrial/metal foundations.
Track list:

  1. The Harbinger
  2. Spinning in the Grave
  3. When the Blind Man Sees You
  4. Dissension I
  5. A Thousand Years
  6. Fumes
  7. Dissension II

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