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Combichrist - Throat Full of GlassCombichrist
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Throat Full of Glass
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Six blood pumping, pulsating, brutal songs highlight this single offering.


Comichrist’s music smacks people around so if you know nothing about them, know that their music will beat you up but you’ll love every minute of it and Throat Full of Glass is luckily no different. The band continues to impress with the sound it has come to be known for and each track, specifically the remixes to “Throat Full of Glass,” offer a little something different. Aggressive and rhythmic, the vocals shine here as well and make for a fantastic single that is sure to be followed up by a fantastic album.

Throat Full of Glass begins with the single of the same name and with a bang at that. The bass is heavy and fuzzy, the vocals are full of conviction and a sense of purpose, the drums stomping and plodding you through the song, “Throat Full of Glass” is a well made track. The Tough Guy mix by S.A.M definitely sounds like the perfect fit for an action movie soundtrack and the vocal mix by Computer Club recasts the song as a wild electro/industrial dance track, taking away the aggression for eccentricity. Unfortunately, the dub mix, also by Computer Club, is far too similar to the vocal mix to really stand out among the others, while the Renegade of Noise mix by Daniel Myer slows down the song considerably and paces it to build up to louder moments. The Instro-Mental mix of “Industrial Strength” is an original instrumental song that is menacing and sure to get blood flowing; bear no surprise if you hear it at any industrial, goth, or hard electro club.

Though sometimes single releases can be tedious and full of repetition, Combichrist actually has a winner here with Throat Full of Glass. The single itself is fantastic and three of the mixes are varying and do reimage the song well, leaving the listener with an appetite for more and lusting for what could possibly come next.
Track list:

  1. Throat Full of Glass
  2. Throat Full of Glass (S.A.M Tough Guy Mix)
  3. Throat Full of Glass (Computer Club Vocal Mix)
  4. Throat Full of Glass (Computer Club Dub Mix)
  5. Throat Full of Glass (Renegade of Noise Mix)
  6. Industrial Strength (Instro-Mental Mix)

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