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Category: Industrial
Album: Never Surrender (Single)
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Vaunting their increasingly rock-before-EBM direction, this teaser single is more lopsided than explosive.


Preceding their fourth album to date, Combichrist slung their rabid fans this rather minimal single. Without doubt, “Never Surrender” is one of the strongest tracks from the Making Monsters era. Grinding its teeth through spoken verses, waxy synths, and crackling drums, it at first seems oddly sedate for Andy LaPlegua’s bombastic one-man electronic riot. While the organic edges to its percussion during these moments finally conveys the primal, tribal intensity of their live shows, it’s when LaPlegua explodes into a throat-shredding scream for its combative chorus that truly augments the whole with the energy one expects for Combichrist.

Though this bipolar number is a bit lopsided in sound, the remixes at least breathe a little variety into the whole. Minimalist electronic guru Terrence Fixmer hones the piece down to its essential parts, fracturing lyrics into sound bits, and reduces its instrumental content to a basic, cold structure of twitching, clacking, machine noise, monochrome drones, and typewriter beats. Former Icon of Coil cohort Sebastian Komor by far supplies the largest surprise here in retooling it into an acerbic attack of serrated guitar riffs and cacophonous drums, with the results a slow-motion riot of pure ‘90s machine rock. Finally, gloomy crossover wunderkind IAMX supplies a second minimalist version, though its buzzing, puzzled synth line and unobtrusive snare hop feel more uninspired than stark.

Even backed by these formidable talents behind its few remixes, “Never Surrender” isn’t as crazed as its name implies, but diehards probably won’t be too disappointed by its meager contents.
Track list:

  1. Never Surrender (Album Version)
  2. Never Surrender (IAMX Rework)
  3. Never Surrender (Remix by Melt)
  4. Never Surrender (Terence Fixmer Remix)

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