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Comaduster - Hollow WorldsComaduster
Category: Ambient / Dubstep / Experimental
Album: Hollow Worlds
Stars: 4
Blurb: Comaduster’s latest offering not only makes dubstep more accessible, but boldly fuses a slew of genres for a refreshing take on contemporary electronic music.


Reworking tracks for other artists and contributing sound design in the popular Mass Effect and Dragon Age video game franchises has helped put the pieces into place for this Canadian solo act to forge his very unique musical identity as Comaduster. The few year gap since the self-released debut Slip Through seems to have served Réal Cardinal rather well as his technical prowess becomes even more apparent this time around in the eclectic, emotional, and intriguing narrative found in Hollow Worlds.

Frigid drone crackles to the anticipation of stuttering robots as “Ma” teases of the electronic treatments that are in store. Dubstep debris shifts into “Winter Eyes” and provides an early offering of vocal range, transitioning from echoing icy longings to eruptions of agonizing screams. Timbre fluctuations are exploited to no end as it strives in accordance to relentless dubstep cues, bringing new life into a sound that is ordinarily drab. “The Send Off” contains electro/industrial influences with metallic blasts and angst-ridden outcries, “Hollow Worlds” elaborates on dense ambient and gusts of drum & bass all before the palate cleansing intermission in “Unfound” tempers the chaos as stark piano touches seep through a static-ridden dimension.

The latter portion of the release appeases different tastes as it awakens the IDM heavy “Chasms,” the very memorable fast paced EBM in “Futureproof Design,” and the cathartic conclusion in “Connecting the Seams” as it sends listeners off to drift in a tranquil fantasy world. Réal Cardinal’s uncanny ability to harmoniously synthesize a myriad of genres this well is impressive and exciting; it will be interesting to see how he follows this up. Ambitious and intense, Hollow Worlds fares as a much needed breath of fresh air that foreshadows only positive things in Comaduster’s future.
Track list:

  1. Ma
  2. Winter Eyes
  3. The Send Off
  4. Hollow Worlds
  5. Unfound
  6. Walls
  7. Chasms
  8. Futureproof Design
  9. Nightsail (featuring Cecil Frena)
  10. Connecting the Seams

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