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Coma Divine - Dead End CircleComa Divine
Category: Gothic / Rock
Album: Dead End Circle
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Experiments with different sounds within the gothic rock framework, mostly successfully.


The latest offering from Coma Divine has its share of missteps, like the dragging eight-and-a-half minute “Dead End,” the strained vocals from singer Sonja Kraushofer – most renowned for her work in L’Ame Immortelle – and odd piano interlude on “Burn, Sister,” and the drawn out and dull ballad “Reason to Live.”

Thankfully, the rest of the album makes up for these tepid moments. Right before the slow “Reason to Live” is “Praise the Fallen,” which is everything a power ballad should be. Kraushofer’s vocals are strong, the heavy guitars add an edge, and the song has an appropriately sweeping atmosphere.

The band, while firmly in the gothic rock category, manages to work in stylistic elements from different genres. “The Odd One Out” creates a bluesy feel with downbeat drums and an airy yet hard background sound, and even manages to mix in strings. “About a Girl” brings the metal with heavy static guitars without sacrificing melodym while the punk sound on “Fast Lane” is a pleasant surprise. Kraushofer puts an effective snarl in her voice and the fast guitars and clashing drums create a pleasant dissonance. Versatile guitarist Ashley Dayour creates the backbone for these successful experiments, and is the band’s greatest asset. Throughout this album, Coma Divine manages to experiment without losing their gothic rock roots.
Track list:

  1. Burn, Sister
  2. Rotten World
  3. The Odd One Out
  4. I Remember
  5. From Time to Time
  6. Praise the Fallen
  7. Reason to Live
  8. Secret Lover
  9. Fast Lane
  10. About a Girl
  11. Dead End

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