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Coeus the Boxing Titan - Insomniatic MythCoeus the Boxing Titan
Category: Progressive / Industrial
Album: Insomniatic Myth
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A musical experiment fusing two genres that don’t belong together, though it still sounds better than it probably should have.


It’s extremely difficult to be different or unique in the music industry nowadays. In order to achieve different, more and more artists are finding ways to meld genres together in some sort of musical chemistry set. Almost all of the results are unique, but it’s rare to find a positive result. Unfortunately, Insomniatic Myth by Coeus the Boxing Titan falls under that failed experiment category. But not all is lost. Minnesota native Aron Patterson is the sole contributor behind the project and for a self written, produced, and compiled album, it’s not bad. Kudos to Patterson for making something unique and something that is sure to make you smile oddly because you’re not sure how to react to it. However, from a musical and lyrical standpoint, this album is disappointing.

Patterson accredits insomnia for most of the creations on this album (hence the album title) and the sleep deprivation shows right away in the opening track, “A Giant Leap.” Vocally, Patterson sounds like a prepubescent Marilyn Manson. The music sounds like something you’d hear in a circus until the song gets interrupted by loud and piercing progressive sounding guitars. Despite the poorly put together music, you keep listening because there is something there that makes you curious and anxious for more. “Bright Side” shows some definite potential as Patterson delves into more whispery and mysterious vocal styling and finds more of a vocal niche for himself. The guitars are still too loud and overwhelm the song but they do fit with the track. The overall rhythm suits the progressive industrial style and creates hope for this new genre. It’s not until “As Men Do” that something out of the ordinary appears. It’s a fascinating ditty that includes funk, industrial, and a musical interlude reminiscent of a Doors keyboard break. The track does end on a bizarre industrial rant with really strident synths and that’s when it becomes evident that Coeus the Boxing Titan’s strengths lie solely in the progressive field and not in the industrial. The next few tracks are more hit-or-miss; they’re not bad but they don’t do anything to create a significant reaction until you get to the title track. “Insomniatic Myth” will make ‘70s prog rock enthusiasts beam with delight. Overall, it’s a good rock track, but toward the end of the song, you’re hit with some Ravi Shankar-esque Indian music. The vocals sound out of place, but it is musically the strongest track on the album. This would be the perfect track for a special industrial/hippie enthusiast. Afterward, the last two tracks are kind of pointless.

Overall, this was fun to listen to not because of quality but because of the peculiar style that Coeus the Boxing Titan explores. Was this a good album? Not necessarily, but Patterson has the potential to make a good album as this could easily be considered groundbreaking due to its unique music pairings. Insomniatic Myth is worth at least one listen just to hear the originality in the music.
Track list:

  1. A Giant Leap
  2. Bright Side
  3. It Begins in Confusion
  4. Backstabber’s Ink
  5. As Men Do
  6. Annie
  7. Serendipity
  8. For Immortality
  9. Godcomplex
  10. Bar Noise
  11. Insomniatic Myth
  12. Who’s Lonely
  13. The Projectionist (instrumental)

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