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Cocksure - TVMALSVCocksure
Category: Industrial
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: As irreverent and as belligerent as ever, Cocksure offers a familiar yet fresh face to sleaze things up and lead the pack in the revitalization of the classic industrial sound.


On occasion, the path to progressing forward means having to take a step back; especially in an artistic sense, many musicians often find themselves returning to a more primal stage in their development, drawing on the initial energy that motivated the discovery and exploration that would follow on later releases. Since the mid ‘80s/early ‘90s, Chris Connelly and Jason Novak have both paved their own unique paths in the industrial music scene, with Connelly’s melding of irreverently sleazy, pseudo-topical, and humorous lyrics atop dirty grooves and noisy backdrops in Revolting Cocks being a notable and much revered highlight, establishing many of the conventions of the WaxTrax! sound in that time period. Novak’s early experiments with these conventions eventually led to the metallic coldwave assault of Acumen Nation and the electrified variety offered by DJ? Acucrack. Now, these two luminaries are pooling their efforts in a new outlet that returns to the WaxTrax! stylings they pioneered, updated with a modern production sheen for a harsher realization of many of the ideas left on the cutting room floor. In a few short months, Cocksure has already become a favorite of the current underground wave, finding much favor for its spiritual succession of where Revolting Cocks left off in 1994. With two singles already under the belt, Cocksure has teamed with Metropolis Records to unveil the full-length attack of TVMALSV.

A manipulated sample from Mad Max underscored by a viciously rhythmic drumbeat that immediately recalls the sound of primitive drum machines being pushed to their limits begins the album, a scuzzy bass and Connelly’s distorted and acerbic rap-style vocals bringing the track to full fruition and starting the listener off with a bang. Immediately, the classic industrial sound is recognizable, heavily laden with samples and minimal yet boisterous synths, making for an atmosphere that pervades throughout TVMALSV. Not just for its being featured on the previously released singles, albeit in different mixes, but also for its penetrating machine gun rhythm and scathing distorted guitar noise ambience along with its rather catchy vocal refrains, “Guilt, Speed & Carbon” is one of the more gratifying tracks, while “TKO Mindfuck” reunites the Cocks with Richard 23, best known as a co-vocalist for Front 242 and one of the original founding members of the Revolting Cocks in the early ‘80s; with his dynamic and familiar shouts complementing the shrill beat and machine-like repetition of “TKO Mindfuck,” the song is fresh trip down memory lane. The bouncy bass and beat of “Drug-a-Bug” topped off by rapid-fire vocals could easily have been heard in the underground clubs of the early ‘90s if not for the sharp production that grounds the song (and indeed, the whole album) in the here and now. From start to finish, TVMALSV alternates between two particular cadences. Tracks like “Alpha Male Bling” and “Cock Ripped to the Giddy Tits” having a slower but booming beat that emphasizes the band’s hip-hop predilections, the brass stabs and samples of “Where are the white women?” on the latter track helping to drive this particular groove home, while other tracks like “Ah Don’ Eat Meat, Bitch!” and “Silikon Suckaz” speeding the tempo up, the latter track sounding very similar to what one might have heard on Acumen’s Transmissions from Eville while the former track takes more than a few shots at the fast food industry in Connelly’s usually abrasive and sardonic manner. To offer a slight (and only slight) respite from the furious energy of the album is the closing track, “Cokane in My Brain,” as the band offers up a mangled form of dub with Connelly’s Scottish brogue serving the track’s reggae inflections quite well as he blurts out references to drugs and New York City.

While several up-and-coming acts are reaching back to the late ‘80s and early-to-mid ‘90s for inspiration, utilizing the tools of today to bring a hopefully modern spin to a classic sound, Cocksure has the benefit of history and hindsight; Connelly and Novak helped to create the sound and having honed and refined it in their various output over the years are perhaps among the most qualified to return to their roots and take it in new directions. TVMALSV is every bit as raw and belligerent as one might expect from this duo in any time period; it could easily rank alongside a classic like Beers, Steers, & Queers, while still sounding fresh as any of the pair’s newer releases. With artists and audiences alike seeking to recapture the former glory of the industrial underground, Cocksure stands at the head of the pack!
Track list:

  1. Skeemy Gates
  2. Alpha Male Bling
  3. Guilt, Speed & Carbon
  4. Ah Don’ Eat Meat, Bitch!
  5. Cock Ripped to the Giddy Tits
  6. Silikon Suckaz
  7. Drug-a-Bug
  8. TKO Mindfuck (feat. Richard 23)
  9. Cokane in My Brain

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    Great review really sums up the artist, they deserve the 4.5 stars!

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