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Cocksure - TKO MindfuckCocksure
Category: Industrial
Album: TKO Mindfuck
Stars: 4
Blurb: Coming full circle and revitalizing the old WaxTrax! sound with a newer, more polished yet no less abrasive aesthetic, Cocksure is here to sex things up again.


Chris Connelly and Jason Novak both have a long history in the underground music scene, which undoubtedly has aided them in their latest endeavor – Cocksure. Heralded by many as a spiritual successor to the original version of Revolting Cocks that brought us such gems of the late ‘80s WaxTrax! era like Big Sexy Land and Beers, Steers & Queers, Cocksure already made waves with the Klusterfuck Kulture EP (KKEP) at the beginning of 2014, picking up on the stellar reception of the original Cocks Members at the Chicago ColdWaves festival. With the resurrection of WaxTrax! Records, Cocksure has come full circle with the label’s first new release in almost 20 years, the TKO Mindfuck EP. Beginning with the No Safety mix of the title track, listeners are immediately treated to the sounds of old with the modern production sheen that Novak has been cultivating in his various projects since the earliest days of Acumen; yet the polish is just enough to allow the grit and grime of the music to burrow their way into listeners’ psyches, as Connelly’s distant and slightly distorted vocals seep and seethe with all the fervor audiences have come to expect and love from him. But the real treat of this track is the presence of Richard 23, most renowned for his vocal work with Front 242 and as an original co-founder of Revolting Cocks, as his shouts in response to Connelly’s semi-spoken calls will certainly please many an old-school fan. Next up is “The Nurses of Cocksure Island” with its bouncy electro refrain, layers of scathing samples, and a thunderous drumbeat that marches with all the boisterousness and bravado the band’s very name would suggest, the vocals chanting rowdily to make for an energetic song. To closing the EP out, the Degreaser mix of “Guilt, Speed & Carbon” slows the pace down to a rather creepy crawl of overdriven bass thrums, factory-like guitar grunts, and warbles of dirty synths akin to dub; it’s a more acidic yet somehow sparser version of the track versus the more arresting version from KKEP, but is still an excellent primer for the onslaught of the full album version on the forthcoming TVMALSV. Given that Novak’s earliest experiments in Acumen were directly inspired by the WaxTrax! sound, it’s perhaps no surprise that his partnership with Connelly would so effectively yield such reverentially pitch perfect results; but again, the band does not revel in its own nostalgia factor and instead feeds off the liveliness of the old times to push for a newer aesthetic that is downright in-your-face. And for those of you who don’t have the benefit of a record player, the vinyl editions of TKO Mindfuck sold by WaxTrax! come with a download code to enjoy the EP digitally, once again bridging the old with the new. With the full-length TVMALSV to be released soon via Metropolis Records and slated to appear at the third annual ColdWaves festival in September, the future is looking appropriately sexy for Cocksure!
Track list:

  1. TKO Mindfuck (feat. Richard 23) (No Safety Remix)
  2. The Nurses of Cocksure Island
  3. Guilt, Speed & Carbon (Acucrack Degreaser Mix)

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