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Cocksure - KKEPCocksure
Category: Industrial
Album: KKEP
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Taking the classic WaxTrax! sound into the modern era, this first taste of collaboration between two of the industrial music’s most prominent musicians promises even more dynamic things to come.


Chris Connelly has been a renowned figure in modern music for three decades, having collaborated with such industrial heavyweights as Die Warzau, MINISTRY, KMFDM, Pigface, and Revolting Cocks, while also pursuing his own folk/rock musical aspirations with his solo work and his David Bowie tribute Sons of the Silent Age. Jason Novak, as the founder of Cracknation, has been at the forefront of the machine rock underground from the coldwave of Acumen Nation to the experimental electronica of Acucrack to the gothic shoegaze of Fawn and now to the blistering metalcore of CZAR. Having performed on the ColdWaves tribute events, the two prominent musicians have now formed Cocksure, drawing on their collective history to create a scathing industrial assault too powerful to ignore. Beginning with “Klusterfuck Kulture,” the track first made its appearance on the ColdWaves II sampler, revealing a vicious diatribe against modern pop culture, touching on everything from texting to social media and their negative effects on a deteriorating society. From Connelly’s furious rap-style vocal that is equal parts satire and irreverent babble, the song bears many hallmarks of the classic RevCo aesthetic filtered through Novak’s aggressive production sound, filled with sounds many will recall from early Acumen records. The Space-Age Viking remix is a much more danceable and less noisy affair, a powerful beat driving the track as the distortion is turned down just enough to keep one’s feet moving without too much sensory overload; the two mixes play wonderful complement to each other at nearly opposite ends of the same industrial spectrum. “Assault on Cocksure 13” begins with laser-like synths, feedback guitar scrapes, and a chunky metallic rhythm, quickly kicking into a high gear industrial dance assault that is sure to transport many back to the days of Transmissions from Eville. The vocals take on a gritty, almost growled quality, but retain that hopping cadence that it’s very distinguishably the work of a Revolting Cock. The EP ends with the Sucking on Monoxide remix of “Guilt, Speed & Carbon,” a slow romp of subsonic bass and Connelly’s echoing vocal howls, stabs of samples and mechanized rhythms keeping the track’s monotony and almost languid pace from descending into boredom. Though many seem to pine for the sounds of the WaxTrax! era, Cocksure does well to draw on the history of that sound with a modern sheen, establishing a stylistic continuity to keep the sound fresh and classic at the same time. While only four tracks long, KKEP is easily one of the most exciting releases to emerge from the industrial underground this year, promising more dynamic things to come from Connelly and Novak.
Track list:

  1. Klusterfuck Kulture
  2. Assault on Cocksure 13
  3. Klusterfuck Kulture (Space-Age Viking Remix)
  4. Guilt, Speed & Carbon (Sucking on Monoxide Remix)

Cocksure Website http://cocksurenoise.tumblr.com
Cocksure Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cocksurenoise
Cocksure Bandcamp http://cocksure.bandcamp.com
Cracknation Website http://www.cracknation.com
Cracknation MySpace http://www.myspace.com/cracknationrecords
Cracknation Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cracknation/285988987668
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