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Clan of Xymox - Days of BlackClan of Xymox
Category: Darkwave / Goth
Album: Days of Black
Blurb: Clan of Xymox dishes out a fine helping of somber gothic goodness for the band’s sixteenth studio album.


Throughout the last 35 years, Clan of Xymox has proven a favorite mainstay of the goth/darkwave music scene. Though there have been some lineup changes and even a stint as simply Xymox, original founding member Ronny Moorings continues to forge ahead and has been the principal songwriter of the band for the last 20 years. Clan of Xymox’s latest album, Days of Black lives up to its namesake – a dark, melancholy album that tugs at the heartstrings with themes of loss, lament, and longing over melodic, moody guitar riffs and timeless synths.

The album opens with “Days of Black,” an atmospheric instrumental that sets the tone for the album. The gentle melody evokes a sentimental feeling and gives listeners a taste of falling in love, or at least the bittersweet memory of it. “Loneliness” proves to be one of the catchiest and most memorable songs on the album as the upbeat drums paired with clean, crisp guitars juxtapose nicely with the pleading vocals and sad lyrics that reveal a love gone sour. “Vixen in Disguise” continues with the mid-tempo beat with cleaner guitar and synth melodies reminiscent of The Cure, while “Leave Me Be” takes a turn for the slow and sludgy. The vocals are set back further in the mix, creating a shoegaze sound. The distorted and heavy synths continue on “The Rain Will Wash Away” as the mood continually grows darker with each song. The once clear guitars presented on the earlier part of the album are all but forgotten with the post-punk tinged “Loud and Clear,” which gives a rocking respite from the slower, synth driven songs. The album draws to a close with another instrumental track, “La La Land,” a more whimsical piece that leaves the listener feeling a little lighter and less somber after experiencing the emotional ups and downs of the entire album.

Days of Black tells a story of the aftermath of lost love and ought to be absorbed sequentially and in its entirety. The somber tone does not make this a sunny summer day album, but listening carefully reveals melodic nuances and breaks from the melancholy that nearly drive one to thinking, “Just get on Tinder, dude!” In general, the album adheres to Clan of Xymox’s classic ‘80s/’90s darkwave sound, which provides familiarity and comfort, but also lacks a bit of a modern edge and experimentation. Overall, Days of Black proves emotional and entertaining, especially for those days when one finds themselves thinking of an old flame or feeling in need of a little cathartic adventure.
Track list:

  1. Days of Black
  2. Loneliness
  3. Vixen In Disguise
  4. Leave Me Be
  5. The Rain Will Wash Away
  6. Set You Free
  7. I Could Not Save You
  8. What Goes Around
  9. I Need to Be Alone
  10. Loud and Clear
  11. Your Kiss
  12. La La Land

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