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Clan of Xymox - Darkest HourClan of Xymox
Category: Alternative / Electro / Gothic
Album: Darkest Hour
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Another solid gothic/electro offering from the Clan, and a few pleasant surprises.


The opening track on the latest Clan of Xymox release is not promising. “My Reality” has a pleasant though static basic melody, but it’s buried under blips and beeps and an intermittent hard fuzz blast. Even the usually strong vocals sound strained.

Luckily, the rest of Darkest Hour finds the gothic/electronic favorites fully in their element. Aside from the plodding “In Your Arms Again,” the album’s other songs are sure to please the group’s fans. The second track, “Delete” is a highly danceable, hard-edged piece of electronica. Ronny Moorings delivers memorable lyrics like “Kill all yesterdays” and “I want to delete the secrets that I keep” in a deep, mesmerizing monotone. The slower “Dream of Fools” uses a pulsing synth to create a hypnotic sound. This slow, steady melody manages not to get repetitive, due to well placed shifts in tone. Despite oddly muted production, “She Did Not Answer” has a heavy groove with a solid chorus that could get a crowd singing along, “She didn’t want me/She didn’t care.”

The band also offers a few surprises. “My Chicane” has a heavier industrial beat under the trademark synth, yet doesn’t sacrifice rhythm. The haunting, atmospheric “Deep Down I Died” mixes slow synths and strings with a softer, mournful vocal. The biggest surprise is “Tears Ago,” which mixes a new wave-style melody with Clan of Xymox’s trademark deep vocals and a dark-edged rhythm in the background to imbue the lighter sound with a sense of gravity. Darkest Hour shows a band continuing to evolve, and despite a couple missteps, they’re on a good path.

Track list:

  1. My Reality
  2. Delete
  3. My Chicane
  4. Dream of Fools
  5. Deep Down I Died
  6. In Your Arms Again
  7. She Did Not Answer
  8. Tears Ago
  9. The Darkest Hour
  10. Wake Up My Darling

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