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Chrissy Murderbot - Friendship EPChrissy Murderbot
Category: House / Drum & Bass
Album: Friendship EP
Stars: 1.5
Blurb: A bland affair with wild house beats and random electronica splashed in to create an unmoving sound.


Chrissy Murderbot is the brainchild of Chicago based DJ and producer Chris Shively and he has been tearing through the earth DJing all over nonstop since 1995. His Friendship EP is not his best outing as the tracks are mostly bland and boring concoctions of electronica pieced together well but lacking any sort of compelling parts. “Bionic Penguins” begins with some hard drum kicks and an annoying vocal sample that persists throughout with ambient pads dancing in the background lifelessly, ultimately giving you not much reason to continue listening. “Friendship” suffers from the same issues as its predecessor as the annoying vocal samples continue to eat their way into your psyche and the fast paced beat is pretty bland and repetitive overall. The SumSun remix of “Bionic Penguins” brings more pads for your swaying pleasure and has a more dance, almost reggae oriented beat and the annoying vocal samples have taken a hard step back or have been transformed in some spaces to make them a little more haunting and less frequent, making them easier to digest as well. The most interesting of all the tracks is the hyper electro infused Legowelt remix of “Friendship,” which bounces around like a trippy video game level surrounded by colorful and random visuals, but the electronics in this track are severely catchy and shine through really well. Despite years of experience, everyone has slipups; unfortunately, the Friendship EP is one of Chrissy Murderbot’s. The banality of the entire project eats away at any attempt to enjoy the short four track offer, but with a little spicing, maybe the next release will breathe more life into Chrissy Murderbot.
Track list:

  1. Bionic Penguins
  2. Friendship
  3. Bionic Penguins (SumSun Remix)
  4. Friendship (Legowelt Remix)

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