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Chitin - g0d_c0mpl3xChitin
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: g0d_c0mpl3x
Blurb: Continuing to remain within the stylistic shell of industrial/metal, the latest EP from Baltimore’s Chitin delivers better mix and sound quality without sacrificing the formula of noxious and mechanized style.


The familiar howl of a cautionary klaxon resonates in the speakers, the faint atmosphere of despair and apocalyptic anticipation building with a recognizable sample from John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness setting the mood, and so begins “DEA,” the first track on g0d_c0mpl3x, the latest EP from Baltimore industrial/metal band Chitin. Drawing inspiration from the most decrepit and putrescent aspects of the human condition and blasting out an unyielding barrage of thunderous mechanical rhythms, shrill distorted vocals, and a subtle interplay of noisy guitars and synths, Chitin is as coldly brutal as one could expect from the genre. While past releases like the Void EP suffered from an inconsistent mix that did little to enhance the band’s finer qualities, Donnie Beach (White Shadow, Neon Frame) takes on the duties of mixing and mastering g0d_c0mpl3x in an effort to give Chitin the boost of sonic energy that was so sorely missed up to now. The subtler ambient nuances are much more apparent, like in the low guttural thrums of electronic noise and Lux’s bass on “Decay,” Lotek’s guitars possessing just enough meat to deliver with his scalding voice a vicious track that ends rather ominously with a fadeout of atonal synth and shrieking feedback. Another example comes in the form of “What You Deserve,” the instantly striking synth sequence underscoring Lux’s bass grooves reminiscent of MINISTRY’s “Cannibal Song,” the chorus erupting into a miasma of overdriven rage that is sure to remind some of BILE or perhaps the heavier moments of Cyanotic. In fact, the danceable beats and vicious psychological fury of “Erase Me” with lyrics like “Accepting all the lies” and “pretend that this is fine” almost could’ve been written by Cyanotic, while the simplicity of the insistent beats, bass, and guitars once again call to mind all the classic tropes of industrial/metal. Unfortunately, this does call further attention to Chitin’s shortcomings in escaping the specter of its influences, coupled with a generally formulaic approach that is especially evident on “DEA,” “Goodbye,” and “Erase Me,” all beginning with a creepy sample that sets the stage while the music gradually builds to the fever pitch of explosive vitriolic audio overkill. Of course, with Chitin doing rather well in the local live circuit, it can easily be said that the formula simply works well, but this writer once again must make the point that it limits the appeal to strictly genre fans. And again, credit must be given to Lotek and Lux for taking steps to ensure a greater sound quality with Beach’s mix and master helping to ensure that the nearly 19 minutes of g0d_c0mpl3x is still a harsh yet darkly alluring ordeal for the ears. Add to that the fact that while the vocal effects continue to pervade, Lotek’s words seem less obscured this time around, lacking none of the lyrical venom or ghostly attitude that the music calls for. Ultimately, g0d_c0mpl3x may not set the world ablaze, but Chitin seems content simply to set fire to your speakers and assault your senses with the vile lust of an audio psycho killer… but then again, perhaps that’s just enough.
Track list:

  1. DEA
  2. What You Deserve
  3. Goodbye
  4. Decay
  5. Erase Me

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