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Chiildren - The Other PeopleChiildren
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: The Other People
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A brutal and refreshing blend of genres showing massive promise as well as a few weaknesses.


Chiildren’s first release on Bit Riot Records, The Other People is a brutal and moody five track EP that gives the listener a sweet taste of what this L.A. based two-piece electronic metal band can do. Blending droning electronics, minimal structures and aggressive black metal, Chiildren does an impressive job of mixing genres and creating its own signature sound, but despite the massive amounts of promise the act shows, there is still room for improvement.

The slow ominous build of “Girl In the Dirt” acts as the perfect introduction to Chiildren as its droning synths slowly give way to the heavy guitar and gravely black metal styled vocals that explode in a cacophony of rage. The drum machine and twittering synth of “Other People” makes for a bit of a jarring follow up to the brutality of its predecessor, but like the previous track, it is again a build into the heavier elements that close the track, though the blend isn’t quite as smooth. “Milos” gives Chiildren an opportunity to show off a mastery of tone, successfully capturing the cold and bleak feeling that black metal is now for awhile maintaining a solid balance with its electronic elements. “My Gods” continues this showcase of tone with its more experimental and droning style that, though not as memorable or ear catching as some of the other work, shows off impressive sound layering and building of some really oppressive and foreboding audio textures. “Post Misogyny” is one of the odder tracks of the album and an odd choice for a finale as it starts off with a melodic vocal style and a very heavy focus on synth, but breaks into the caustic vocals and heavy guitar and drums at the end of the track layered on top of the previous synth.

While The Other People may be somewhat flawed, it still acts as a wonderful introduction to this exciting young act and raises a hell of a lot of hopes for the future. It may at times feel like Chiildren is still trying to find the right balance of electronics and metal and some tracks are a bit easier to forget than others, but The Other People has still managed to leave a fantastic first impression that should leave many very eager to hear what comes next.
Track list:

  1. Girl In The Dirt
  2. Other People
  3. Milos
  4. My Gods
  5. Post Misogyny

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