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Chemica lWaves - Sweet Candy Bullets EPChemical Waves
Category: Darkwave
Album: Sweet Candy Bullets EP
Stars: 2
Blurb: Themes of glossy American tragedy find home in this disappointingly underdeveloped teaser of an EP.


Marco Cattani for long years was fruitfully contributing to the output of Italian electro band Halo Effect. With his solo side project Chemical Waves, he sets to deliver an experience that would rely less on dynamic electronica and synth driven pop glamour and would instead focus on acoustic, darkwave soundscapes. Surprisingly enough, this microscopic release delivers a flavor of his future full-length album, even if in its own right, it is far from accomplishing its thematic goal. “Sweet Candy Bullets” begins with the infamous birthday song whispered by Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy and for the remainder of its running time stays firmly within the conceptual framework provided by her undying legacy and mysterious death. Reinforced by fragments of speeches by other prominent figures from American history such as Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the track moves forward lethargically, as if carefully savoring every bit of archived material that seems to lend to Chemical Waves’ desired political gravitas. It is ultimately difficult to say how much of this cultural anxiety will be present on the final release, but the themes that run throughout “Sweet Candy Bullets” are little more than symptomatic of the general infatuation of European audiences with history and the iconography of contemporary America. In the space of four minutes, none of those traits are explored; instead, their deployment marks Cattani’s attempt at channeling his aural moodiness towards equally dense and haunting imagery that the audio footage evokes in the listener’s head. The percussion and atmospheric guitar that make up Sweet Candy Bullets’ musical facets build up to no conclusion servicing the menacing overtones of MLK’s and Kennedy’s deaths. Following it, “Wraith” connects to the thematic and musical preoccupations of the single in the faintest of ways. The gothic tropes emanate mystery, not without some logical ties to “Sweet Candy Bullets”’ lyrical content, but the heart of the song lies elsewhere, steeped in spiritual rather than historical uncertainty. TSIDMZ’s remix is even more foreboding in its use and distortion of famous voices but the non-rhythmic, noisy arrangement is tedious and difficult to endure. So brief and unfocused is the listener’s exposure to Chemical Waves’ darkwave stylization that only time will tell what Cattani’s new project will ultimately achieve. For an EP of this tiny scale, an awful lot of content seems to be shoehorned into the titular track and possibly not enough consideration went into building hype in anticipation of the full-length release.
Track list:

  1. Sweet Candy Bullets
  2. Wraith
  3. Sweet Candy Bullets (TSIDMZ Remix)

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