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Chaos All Stars - I Need It AllChaos All Stars
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: I Need It All
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A catchy debut from Swedish musical collective Chaos All Stars hints at potential to develop, but sounds all too reminiscent of its influences.


Since launching in 2010, Sweden’s Chaos All Stars have been amassing a sizeable fan base in the modern electro underground. Producing several videos and remixes, I Need It All presents to audiences the band’s debut album, chockfull of searing electro leads and powerful beats ripe for the dance floor. Sound familiar? Well, perhaps. Similarities to the likes of Project Pitchfork and In Strict Confidence will surely resonate in the minds of listeners, but recognizable influences are usually inevitable in any band’s premiere outing.

Indeed, right from the onset of “Volcano” – finally offered to the band’s fans after hearing the song in remix form – with its scorching synth refrain and aggressive beats and bass line, Chaos All Stars would seem to have its sights set firmly on the electro dance floor, while the lead vocals resound darkly melodic in a manner very much akin to Peter Spilles. Similarly, “We Are the Sinners” with Kari Berg’s sultry voice adding a harmonic complement to an otherwise infectious track is sure to attract a plethora of new fans, while “Revelations” and the title track are pure synthpop catchiness that is all together nothing new, but enjoyable all the same. “Defenses” saunters with pulsating bass and gothic pianos, an operatic vocal subtly hovering in tandem with the atmospheric synths. The real treat is “The Iron Sky,” named for and sent as a contribution to the sci-fi comedy film of the same name. With its thunderous beats accompanied by the sound of marching formations and booming choirs and symphonic flourishes, the song is the quintessentially Teutonic industrial dance track reminiscent of Laibach (who coincidentally composed the music for the film). While it’s not a terribly original sound, it does showcase Chaos All Stars’ musical range and penchant for flights of grandeur.

Rounding out the album are a series of remixes, beginning with the Independent State/Khybermensch version of “Volcano,” which slows the pace down to a strutting rhythm and electrified arpeggios that steadily build to swells of strings; a decidedly different approach that emphasizes the song’s more melodic and lyrical qualities. In contrast, the Ad Inferna remix is straightforward and danceable, as is the Ninedee remix of “The Iron Sky,” although the latter builds gradually with some subtly mixed guitars for a more industrialized flavor. From the symphonic electro elegance of the Morlocks mix of “The Iron Sky” to Psy’Aviah’s peppy and airy version of “We Are the Sinners,” the remixes do well to complement the original tracks, and I Need It All does provide listeners with a taste of the band’s potential to become stars in the electro underground. Once again, the influences at play are all too apparent to make the band’s music sound familiar to the point of cliché, but the tunes are catchy enough that fans of the style will enjoy it. Whether the band has the chops to rise above and discover a sound it can call its own remains to be seen.
Track list:

  1. Volcano
  2. The Iron Sky
  3. We Are the Sinners
  4. Defenses
  5. Revelation (Not Yours)
  6. I Need It All
  7. Forget Them
  8. World Raid
  9. Volcano (Remixed by Independent State/Khybermensch)
  10. We Are the Sinners (Remixed by Psy’Aviah)
  11. The Iron Sky (Remixed by Ninedee)
  12. Volcano (Remixed by Ad Inferna)
  13. The Iron Sky (Rusty Ground Mix by Morlocks)

Chaos All Stars Website http://www.chaosallstars.com
Chaos All Stars Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChaosAllStars
Chaos All Stars Twitter http://twitter.com/chaosallstarsse
Chaos All Stars SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/chaosallstars
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