Dec 2011 28

Chamber of Echoes - Asylum EPChamber of Echoes
Category: Industrial / Goth
Album: Asylum EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: Excellent production conveying dark modes of industrial rock make for a wonderful sophomore outing.


As the second release from Los Angeles based Chamber of Echoes, the Asylum EP might seem sparse at 18-and-a-half minutes long, but the four tracks presented here serve as a precursory transition toward the band’s upcoming full-length album. While the debut dual EP of Unbound + Set Free / Under Lock + Key presented an intriguing experiment, featuring Chamber of Echoes’ Klaryssa Korolenkov in all of her musical glory with two versions – one a more mainstream produced rock interpretation, the other as Korolenkov originally intended – of the same set of songs, Asylum presents a small narrative pertaining to its title. From the imprisonment of sickness and mental decay presented in “Asylum (The Sickness),” Korolenkov’s voice soars melodic and boisterous atop layers of industrialized synthesizers and stuttering guitars, the beats aggressive but tightly programmed. A lush mix of ambient guitar and piano with some intelligent chord progressions forms a satisfying bridge to the song, immediately indicating the complexity of the songwriting as well as the production. Next follows “I Don’t Mind (The Resentment),” which immediately brings to mind the attitude-laden standoffishness of Kidneythieves, grinding guitars chugging alongside mechanical textures that belie the vocals. The bittersweet intonations add to the song’s atmosphere, hinting at an explosion of rage that doesn’t quite occur until the next track. ‘Feeding the Disease (The Loss)” adds to the abrasion and the ambience with a harmonious shift from a rhythmic throb of guitar and somber piano shifts to a vitriolic, ascending chorus before “The Way Out (Rebirth)” ends the EP on an emotionally ambiguous note, at once sullen and uplifting, heart-wrenching yet optimistic, as a piano-driven instrumental complements the moments of dark beauty that permeate throughout Chamber of Echoes’ music. It’s an all too brief affair, but one that builds up the excitement for the full-length album on the horizon. As well, the Asylum EP is indicative of all that Chamber of Echoes has to offer: excellently produced layers of rocking industrial and dark emotions that will surely enable Klaryssa Korolenkov and company to ascend to the top of the underground.
Track list:

  1. Asylum (The Sickness)
  2. I Don’t Mind (The Resentment)
  3. Feeding This Disease (The Loss)
  4. The Way Out (The Rebirth)

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