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Chainreactor - InsomniacChainreactor
Category: Industrial / Techno
Album: Insomniac
Stars: 2
Blurb: Accomplishes a difficult feat; industrial that fades into the background.


It’s easy to imagine Jens Minor, the German composer behind Chainreactor, as a brilliant remix artist. His heavy fuzzy synths, fast beats, and clashing drums could really add an extra touch to synthpop, darkwave, or even other industrial acts. As a solo composer, however, his repetitive melodies and overbearing fuzz are mostly tiresome.

The most irritating aspect of this collection is Minor’s insistence on using voice samples instead of vocals from a singer on just about every track. They don’t blend into the rhythms and sound more like misplaced movie dialogue (“It’s killing you because you are not ready to receive it” on “Delusion”) than something created for the music.

There are a few bright spots: the perpetually speeding beats on “Insomniac,” the traditional techno sound on “Misanthrope,” the light fuzzy synth and steady drums on “Pressure & Pain.” But even these highlights are driven down by repetition and those interminable voiceovers. Much of the album, with its unrelenting fuzz, repetitive melodies, and odd sound effects, is either mildly irritating or – something unimaginable for the industrial genre – mere background noise.
Track list:

  1. Genau hier! Genau jetzt! (Intro)
  2. Störgeräusche
  3. Der wahre Alptraum
  4. Steigleitung Trocken
  5. Locked In
  6. Pressure & Pain
  7. The Missing Piece
  8. Insomniac
  9. Misanthrope
  10. Dystopia
  11. Control
  12. Delusion

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