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Ceremony - Safranin SoundsCeremony
Category: Shoegaze / Indie Rock
Album: Safranin Sounds
Stars: 3
Blurb: Lovelorn vocals, dark guitars, and synths bring together this combination of tracks from the band’s past.


After being bereaved from former band Skywave, John Fedowitz and Paul Baker set out to create something new and different – a new musical baby that transformed into Ceremony. The album Safranin Sounds, is a combination of unreleased and rare tracks as well as the tracks from the previously released Ceremony EP and the Disappear album, both of which had their master recordings somehow lost. After being picked up by the No Emb Blanc label, Ceremony had all those tracks re-mastered or re-recorded and smashed together to give its new fan base Safranin Sounds. This is an album full of somber guitar riffs and drums, with an array of synths and electronics adding an industrial flavor to the mixture and creating a somewhat diverse plate for listeners to feed their musical urges. Ceremony often gives off the sound of an older dark ‘80s band with the way its guitars, vocals, and synths are delivered together, creating an old-school goth feel to the overall package.

“Dull Life” kicks off this long collection of tracks with wailing guitars, dark bass, and moaning vocals that open up new and old fans’ ears equally well. “Nothing Inside” switches gears from alternative to dark electronics as the ‘80s style synths and drum patterns command the ear and almost sound like they would fit well upon the dance floor. The electronic begins to combine with the alternative, especially on “Cold Cold Night,” whose moderate tempo drums and bass lines are backed by light guitar strums. “Eurotrain” stomps steadily and is one of the more notable tracks in the collection through its somber synths and bass as well as public service announcement vocals that serve as background noise with the eerie electronics. Safranin Sounds actually increases in quality about halfway through when “Future” connects electronic drums and bass with the familiar guitar strums, a formula that becomes the standard for the next few tracks like “Without Your Love,” “Nothing in the Sun,” and “Forever Lost.”

One of Safranin Sound’s biggest issues is its massive playlist, much of which seems like filler as its two albums worth of material packed into one random package and can become daunting in one sitting. Also adding in that, many of the tracks in the first half of the album sound far too much like each other and it hurts the overall performance of the collection itself. The better option would most likely have been to pick the best tracks from each and form a collective as too much unconnected material at once can tire out the listener. However, there is a wealth of good tracks here and though not necessarily two albums worth, the dark bass lines and ‘80s style guitar and synths will definitely bring many fans back, though some will find themselves simply keeping their favorites and waiting for a future new project rather than revisiting the older tracks here.
Track list:

  1. Dull Life
  2. You Never Stay
  3. Never Love Again
  4. Nothing Inside
  5. Cold Cold Night
  6. Eurotrain
  7. No Good for You
  8. Heard You Call My Name
  9. Future
  10. Without Your Love
  11. Miss You
  12. Nothing in the Sun
  13. Forever Lost
  14. Living for Today
  15. Too Many Times
  16. Our Last Goodbye
  17. Clouds
  18. Old
  19. Love is Fiction
  20. Throw Your Love Away

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