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Centhron - DominatorCenthron
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Dominator
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Centhron brings us their most danceable club-thumper to date in a deliberate effort to expand their global audience and achieve a stronger North American presence.


With almost 10 years as part of the European electronic/industrial dance landscape Centhron’s latest incarnation of sound might finally break the band away from overseas shackles and help to develop a solid North American fan base. Elmar Schmidt, Anette Schmidt, and Markus Vogler have proven that they can control dance floors across the underground circuit in Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands, putting them in high regard and matching their acclaim to some of the pinnacle names in the genre. The band’s newest offering, Dominator shows that they not only still have the strength to move people on the dance floor, but that they have cleverly fine tuned their harsh electronic sound to appeal to a much broader global audience.

“Leitwolf” kicks off with a guitar-driven refrain that will either drive you insane or make you want to lash about in order to avoid the hypothetical padded cell. Arguably the cleanest and most production oriented track on the album, it is by far the most aggressive as well. This intense ride continues along into tracks such as “666,” “Gang Bang Dolly,” and “Cunt;” songs that continue Centhron’s always engrossing style of musical and lyrical aggression but now with a clear-cut infusion of danceability added in for good measure. Distorted X-Fusion/Nachtmahr-like vocals resound throughout the entire album, paying homage to these and similar artists yet all the while remaining fresh and unquestionably unique as Centhron’s own. At times, the intensity of the lyrics stray towards absolute distortion but just enough clarity surfaces to relay the lyrical stronghold that ties everything together on this essentially dance oriented album. Those who manage to pull out words from the music will find that Centhron is much more than just your everyday floor filling electronic group. Each track possesses its own stylistic charisma, using cleverly contrived beats and techno rhythms mixed with a vocal path that guides you through the in-your-face electronica.

Calculated refinement is what makes Centhron’s musical style shine above most on Dominator, and by structuring layer upon layer of synthetic channels and loops, they work beautifully to make this a countermeasure to the songs’ overall beat-driven chaos. Treble-infused power riffs are what drive the album at an even and consistent flow. This core component works just enough magic to create a unique identity for each individual track, never allowing danceable music to become mundane. Added to this the fact that each track is more infectious than the last, this album should be earmarked as a common staple for both DJs and fans of intelligent room-shaking dance music.
Track list:

  1. Lietwolf
  2. Kopfschuss
  3. 666
  4. Gang Bang Dolly
  5. Atomschlag
  6. Cunt
  7. Die Stalinorgeln
  8. So Sterbe Ich
  9. Kind Des Wehrmuts
  10. Dominator
  11. Holellehunde
  12. Faust
  13. Slave

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