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Cell - Evolve
Category: Industrial Rock / Electronica / Alternative
Album: Evolve
Stars: 2
Blurb: Talent eclipsed by similarity.


Rising seemingly out of nowhere from the dark corners of the internet, Cell has gained a steadily-increasing following through the distribution of his music via social media. His debut release Stop This filled the sidebars of Facebook and was passed around from person to person. Now, Cell returns with his sophomore release Evolve, releasing another four tracks for the fans.

Cell’s musical mixing and instrumentation is strongly executed; “What I Do” and “Can’t Watch Me” are rife with the thumping drums and grinding bass/synth combinations that industrial rock fans can’t seem to get enough of. “Numb” takes a spacey and ambient route that differentiates itself from the other tracks. “Infect” is a good blend of tribal and ambient elements, though it seems a bit too quiet in the mixing compared to the other tracks; additionally, it’s a solid intro track, but when there are only four tracks there’s no need for an introduction track. In terms of musical ability alone, Cell is a solid artist with great music production skills and performance ability.

However, the major impediment to Cell’s progress is, ironically, what has been used as his major selling point to new fans: his uncanny similarity to the industrial rock god himself, Trent Reznor. When Stop This released, listeners were stunned – if not completely confused – by the identical nature of Brian Fabiano’s voice to Reznor’s trademarked style; some even believed that it was Reznor in another side project. With this next step forward, Fabiano has maintained this identical sound. He’ll need to start seriously differentiating himself, though; the similarity of voice distracts greatly from the effect of the music as a whole. It’s nearly impossible to focus on the music at hand when the continuous thought of “BOY, this music and vocalist sure sound like Nine Inch Nails” runs through the mind. The genre already has a Trent Reznor; there isn’t much call for two of them.

Cell is strong in the areas of music production, and the talent is there, though overshadowed by the imitation. The moment he breaks from the dopplegänger identity, Cell will begin to truly rise. The question remains, though: is such a feat even possible? Is there any originality hidden in there? With no demonstration of variation from the current releases, it’s hard to say.
Track list:

  1. Infect
  2. What I Do
  3. Can’t Watch Me
  4. Numb

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