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Cease2Xist - Zero Future RemixedCease2Xist
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Zero Future Remixed
Blurb: A worthwhile remix companion, if not an essential one, offering alternate interpretations of Cease2Xist’s apocalyptic sonic tale.


With Zero Future, Cease2Xist moved into greater conceptual territory for its fourth album; drawing on the poem “Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake, Dayve Yates continued to present his band’s music as a dark soundtrack to those with a nihilistic fascination with the end of a world. As such, one can expect that Zero Future Remixed might offer an alternative viewpoint on the same subject matter as the remixing artists offer their interpretations of Cease2Xist’s scathing and scarring style. This may or may not be the case given that the remixers offer a similarly harsh style of electro/industrial; for instance, Ruinizer’s remix of “Mechanical Medicine” offers a nice buildup of resonant ambience and caustic rhythms that rise in intensity with atonal synths, making for a bombastic chorus that is almost operatic in scope and improves upon the original. As well, the Defeat remix of “Dirty World” deconstructs the erotic energy of the original with a more belligerent style, the steely synth progression and rhythmic vocals and pads reminiscent of a ‘90s video game soundtrack. On the other hand, the Biomechanimal and 2Bit versions of “Make the World a Bitter Place” both offer alternate takes on the original without deviating from its formula of pounding industrialized dance floor vitriol, and though the Crowns of Bone remix of “Take Comfort in the Void” is slower and more menacing in its monolithic beats, the focus on the “Don’t let the beast become you” lyric keeps it firmly planted in the original’s monstrous grasp. By the same token, the Antibody remix of “Bosozuku Nights” retains the danceable rhythms and catchy bass lines befitting a Far East urban sprawl, while conversely, Paresis’ remix of “Zero Future” transforms the track into a venomous onslaught of darkly metal malevolence and maniacal percussive structures to make for an interesting counterpoint to the original’s themes. Besides the remixes, Cease2Xist includes a cover of Mansun’s “Wide Open Space,” faithful with the emotively passionate vocals, though they are buried in a miasma of distorted effects; as well, the aggressive percussion and syncopated synths recall the original version nicely. The addition of this track certainly doesn’t detract from Zero Future’s conceptual framework, though it hardly adds to it, making Zero Future Remixed overall a worthwhile remix companion, if not an essential one.
Track list:

  1. Make the World a Bitter Place [Biomechanimal Remix]
  2. Make the World a Bitter Place [2Bit Restructure]
  3. Mechanical Medicine [Ruinizer Remix]
  4. Augury and Innocence [Jay Android Remix]
  5. Dirty World [Defeat Remix]
  6. Wide Open Space
  7. Take Comfort in the Void [Crowns of Bone Remix]
  8. Bosozuku Nights [Antibody Remix]
  9. Zero Future [Paresis Remix]

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