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Cease2Xist - You Are ExpendableCease2Xist
Category: Industrial
Album: You Are Expendable
Stars: 3
Blurb: This British act channels the raw spirit of punk into its electro sound to kick start the new wave of British industrial/electro.


In 2002 or so, there was a new wave of British bands that, inspired by the success of VNV Nation and Mesh, made a small name for themselves on their homeland’s industrial scene and, in some cases, even made some inroads into the hallowed European market. Most of these acts fell by the wayside, sadly, but the past year or two has seen an even newer wave of British bands making their mark with many of them opting for a raw and brutally organic sound that almost resurrects the spirit of punk. This has gone a long way in giving the new British wave something approaching a trademark sound. It is into this scene that the Shrewsbury based Dayve Yates – a,k,a, Cease2Xist – dives headfirst with a debut album that, from start to finish, is a veritable sonic assault on the ears, delivering an intense and brutal electro experience. This is true both of the music and the vocals, which being unprocessed for much of the time, do give the music a more individual character than the usual distorted “harsh whispered” styles favored by so many electro bands. He delivers a performance of lung-busting proportions on “Tonight” and “Ravenous,” the latter of which in particular rolls along with all the force of a juggernaut while the way they combine with the jagged, acidic synth lines of “Occupy Everything” makes for a pretty spectacular offering. Even when effects are employed, as they are on the outstanding “Teenage America,” they are never allowed to leach all the personality out of the proceedings as the artist stamps his hallmark all over the album, even if “My Burning Rage” does resemble Hocico slightly. There are a few glimmers of light to be found in the shape of “A Faint Glimmer of Hope,” which closes the album on a more melodically, albeit still pretty robust style and is a superb fusion of power and melody, while the decidedly melodic aspect that label mates MiXE1, who also provide one of the remixes, add to “Still Not Dead” is the closest the album comes to compromising its unrelenting style. This is a true tour de force of power and robust electronics that marks out Cease2Xist as a force to be reckoned with and if he can develop this style on future releases, then the sky could well be the limit.
Track list:

  1. Not All Is Wrong?
  2. My Burning Rage
  3. You Are Expendable
  4. Still Not Dead (feat. MiXE1)
  5. Tonight
  6. One-Zero
  7. Teenage America
  8. I Am Destroyer
  9. Ravenous
  10. Occupy Everything
  11. A Faint Glimmer of Hope
  12. I Am Destroyer (The Invalid Remix)
  13. My Burning Rage (MiXE1 Remix)

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