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Cauterised - Trifler Gets Hammered
Category: Ambient
Album: Trifler Gets Hammered
Stars: 2
Blurb: Remixed soundtrack samples from Hammer Horror make for a brief but entertaining trifle.


Cauterised is the side project of Ian Proudfoot, who also releases music under the name Quartersized and who is one of the cofounders of now-defunct UK label MoMT Records. On previous Cauterised EPs, Proudfoot has applied his brand of dark ambient soundtrack remixing to everything from Front Line Assembly side project Delerium to early ‘90s videogame Flashback. This release sees him creating new soundtrack material from sampled Hammer Horror films. The end result is surprisingly close to the original material, with lots of screeching violins, melodramatic horn loops, and gamboling woodwinds. Apart from a few obvious touches, like repeating loops on “Curse of the Golden Vampires” and “It Bites” and deliberate fuzziness on “Hyde Your Sisters,” the compositions on Trifler Gets Hammered sound very much like a twice-copied cassette recording from an actual early ‘70s horror film. The song titles and the concept are amusing enough, but at just over 10 minutes, this EP is little more than a mildly entertaining trifle.
Track list:

  1. Curse of the Golden Vampires
  2. Frankie Says
  3. Hyde Your Sisters
  4. It Bites

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