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The Causticles - Eric GottesmanThe Causticles
Category: Electro / EBM / Industrial
Album: Eric Gottesman
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: This may very well be the ultimate industrial party album, full of humor, aggression, and hedonism; just what you’d expect from the brains behind Caustic and The Gothsicles.


From the warped minds of Matt Fanale and Brian Graupner, the masterminds behind Caustic and The Gothsicles respectively, comes Eric Gottesman, the debut from the duo’s latest musical excretion – The Causticles. Having worked together numerous times in each other’s projects, The Causticles has long been gestating in the two musicians’ minds for some time, finally coming to fruition with an album that revels in the inherent humor and flippancy they have long been known for. Named for Everything’s Gone Cold’s head honcho (who ironically does not appear on the album), Eric Gottesman is all one could expect from a merging of Fanale’s and Graupner’s talents.

Eric Gottesman may very well be the ultimate industrial party album, from the celebratory lyrical aggression and stomping electro simplicity of “Ruin the Party” to the ode to alcoholism that is “(I’m Not) Functional” to the lascivious and unashamedly politically incorrect “We’re [Literally] Here for Your [Figurative] Pussy.” Everything about this album resounds with enjoyment and irreverence, whether it is in the searing and rhythmic electro melody on “Spacebugs” or the oddly groovy bass and role-playing game indulgence of “True Tales of Made Up Adventure,” or in the in-your-face attitude of “Headbutt to the Guts” and hip-hop rage of “The Causticles Ain’t Nuthin’ to Fuck Wit.” Chockfull of pulsating EBM bass lines and tightly knit drum programming to get the blood pumping from start to finish, and subtly laced with occasional washes of vocoder along with a plethora of well integrated samples, Eric Gottesman is topped off with some fine production to boot.

If you are familiar with the bands’ individual sounds, then The Causticles will not yield any surprises as it is exactly as its name suggests – a mix of the two band’s distinct styles, from the brute force and hedonism of Caustic to the downright nerdy humor of The Gothsicles. Given the pair’s long history together, Eric Gottesman offers much of the same from Graupner and Fanale, preferring to delight in everything that has made the two so revered and appreciated in the modern electro/industrial scene. You know exactly what you’re getting – nothing more, nothing less. In a word, this album is fun!
Track list:

  1. Resultant Forces (An Introduction)
  2. Ruin the Party
  3. Headbutt to the Guts
  4. Spacebugs
  5. (I’m Not) Functional
  6. The Matrix is Real
  7. Snail Hatin’
  8. True Tales of Made Up Adventure
  9. ¡Röcktüng!
  10. We’re [Literally] Here for Your [Figurative] Pussy
  11. A Case for Hate Speech (First Amendment Vocal Version)
  12. Stranger Dancer
  13. The Causticles Ain’t Nuthin’ to Fuck Wit

The Causticles Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thecausticles
The Causticles SoundCloud http://www.soundcloud.com/thecausticles
The Causticles Bandcamp http://thecausticles.bandcamp.com
Caustic Website http://www.tellmeaboutmyuterus.com
The Gothsicles Website http://www.thegothsicles.com
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