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Caustic - American CarrionCaustic
Category: Industrial
Album: American Carrion
Blurb: Some things are bigger than ourselves.


The evolution and growth of Caustic over the last decade has been quite the sight to behold and much of that change can be attributed to the tumultuous life of the man behind the music, Matt Fanale. From the early Booze Up and Riot days when the music was, as the title suggests, a fun garbled violent mess, to the very public struggle with personal demons put on display in the stellar …And You Will Know Me by the Trail of Vomit, which was followed up by Fanale’s experiment with producing accessible “club bangers” in The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit, Caustic has never ceased to be interesting regardless of if the style of the output met your tastes or not. In that time, Fanale has also done a remarkable job building up the Caustic brand by being one of the most social media savvy acts in “the scene,” often feeling like a crazy local friend who makes music even to people who have never met him and live nowhere close to Wisconsin.

Even when at his darkest hour, Caustic has always carried an element of tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating humor that has helped make his work so endearing to many, but this has also led to much of Caustic’s work to be about the man, Matt Fanale – his rage, his failures, his joy, his struggles, his insecurities, and his adventures. It is with this history in mind, one cannot help but be somewhat shocked by American Carrion. From the bitch-slap of reality in the opening track, “Purgative,” to the defiant rallying cry of “Heads Down, Fingers Up,” Caustic has crafted an album that captures the zeitgeist of American life for many since the last Presidential election. Overall much more somber in tone than one would expect from a “rebellious political album,” Caustic taps into the sorrow and pessimism many can’t help but feel in our current political climate, but also manages to stoke the fires of anger and hope that need to be kept ablaze in trying times.

Acting much like an amalgam of Jello Biafra in the Reagan years and Al Jourgensen in the Bush years, with American Carrion, Matt Fanale seems to have escaped his own inner turmoil long enough to gaze upon the landscape of chaos that surrounds him. This is not meant in any way to trivialize or degrade Caustic’s struggles or inspiration in his previous work, but with American Carrion, it is glorious to see Fanale’s rage harnessed to tear down something other than himself.
Track list:

  1. Purgative
  2. American Carrion
  3. The Coital Staircase
  4. Drugskill
  5. Stoma
  6. Heads Down, Fingers Up
  7. Angel Grinder
  8. Methmouth
  9. Fuck That Fascist Beat
  10. One Nation Under Fear

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