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Caustic - 12 RemixesCaustic
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: 12 Remixes
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Anyone who is fan of jizzcore will really enjoy these remixes taken from Caustic’s album, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop, showcasing some of the best music the genre has to offer.


Caustic’s music is so good, it is almost a blessing that Matt Fanale doesn’t take it seriously anymore and he is dragging many other artists right along with him. Caustic was started back in 2002 by Fanale in the most unlikely of places, Madison, WI, which is constantly at the top of Money magazine’s list of the best places to live in the U.S. Hardly a place anyone would expect brash and insolent industrial music and Fanale’s sharp sarcasm to come from, but Madison is well known for its diverse music scene. Fanale has made a name for himself through his bulldozing, in-your-face style of music and Caustic’s over-the-top and unpredictable live shows, which are usually assisted by the Gothsicles. Fanale doesn’t seem worried about the acceptance of others, but then again, when has industrial music ever been about acceptance? Caustic is not like any other music, which is why Matt has described it as jizzcore. His tagline, “If industrial is dead, I’m fucking the corpse,” makes it quite clear he plans to keep creating great industrial music, whether you like it or not.

The 12 Remixes EP was released appropriately on December 12, 2012 as a free download on Caustic’s Facebook page and you only need to “like” the page to obtain it and along with a few other goodies. The songs on 12 Remixes can be found in their original form on the album The Man Who Couldn’t Stop. The tracks “Bigger Better Faster Now!!!,” “Bleed You Out,” and “Demon Seed Semen Deed” are injected with doses of danceable atmosphere while still keeping the explosiveness and humor found on the originals. “Bury You Alive,” with its Combichrist like vocals and intensity, pounds you to the core at breakneck speed and with heavy attitude. The “Collide With Me” remix, with its darkwave gothic feel, makes you want to don your favorite black attire and hit the dance floor. “Ghost Like Swayze,” featuring iVardensphere, is stripped down and alluring with soft pulsating beats creating a pleasant listening experience. The “Zen Castro” remix has a slow, droning Front Line Assembly feel to it, all the while drawing you in and forcing you to enjoy it. Overall, 12 Remixes is a buffet of different styles while still highlighting the segments making Caustic’s music original and excellent.
Track list:

  1. Bigger Better Faster Now!!! (BlakOpz Mix)
  2. Bigger Better Faster Now!!! (Gangbang Style Remix by Exageist)
  3. Bleed You Out (feat. Android Lust) (Assemblage 23 mix)
  4. Bury You Alive (Asche Let’s Make Love Before You Die Rmx)
  5. Bury You Alive (Crashfaster Mix)
  6. Bury You Alive (Straftanz Edit)
  7. Collide With Me (Razorwire Halo Remix)
  8. Demon Seed Semen Deed (Method Cell Mix)
  9. Ghost Like Swayze (vs. iVardensphere) (HexRx Mix)
  10. Man-E-Faces (The Ludovico Technique Mix)
  11. The Man Who Couldn’t Stop (Haujobb Mix)
  12. Zen Castrato (∆AIMON Remix)

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