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Camping Im Keller - Melancholie
Camping Im Keller
Category: Synthpop
Album: Melancholie
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A nicely put together single that just doesn’t stand out.


A free downloadable single from Leipzig, Germany’s Camping Im Keller, Melancholie acts as a preview of the forthcoming EP Suende. Traipsing the line between electro and synthpop with a touch of retro ‘80s flair, Camping Im Keller could be an act to stand up alongside acts such as Joachim Witt and And One, but with this single track and its inherent problems, the jury is definitely still out.

Starting off with the original version of “Melancholie,” it immediately feels like the song is oddly mixed, giving the synths a faint and hollow sound that makes the rather simplistic style feel even more barren. The vocals are definitely the main focal point of the song, but the mildly tonal spoken German style will be a bit of an acquired taste for most listeners. Another strange issue with the track is its jarring inability to smoothly end, with the flow of the song logically ending around the three minute mark, but the song soldiers on for another two minutes after the first “end,” greatly overstaying its welcome. Sadly jumping on the dubstep craze, the Wachau Wobble remix by DJ Booga is a completely derivative and unimaginative copout of a mix with its completely predictable and recycled dubstep elements with pieces of the original track haphazardly slapped on top. Thankfully, the Smooth D&B remix by the Manipulator makes up for the previous track in an interesting breakbeat jazz reimagining of the track. It may at times feel like a Kenny G-ifying of the song, but it’s still a pleasant change of pace from your average remix. The final mix of the album, Ron’s “Wollt ihr ewigleben?” remix is a very poppy and fun version of the track, but unfortunately simplifies the original song even further and kicks up the retro vibe even higher, making for a track that, though enjoyable, seems to highlight some of “Melancholie”’s weaknesses.

Melahcholie is unfortunately not nearly enough to tell if the EP Suende will be worthwhile or not. There is definitely potential to appeal to fans of more retro styled synthpop, but the glaring weaknesses in songwriting shown are definitely enough to leave the listener skeptical, especially if Camping Im Keller is trying to put their best foot forward.

Track list:

  1. Melancholie (Original)
  2. Melancholie (Wachau Wobble Remix by DJ Booga)
  3. Melancholie (Smooth D&B Remix by the Manipulator)
  4. Melancholie (Ron’s “Wollt ihr ewig leben?” Remix)

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