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Category: Industrial
Album: Liebe in Mir Vernichtet
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Another case of a good song dragged down by mediocre remixes.


German trio Caisaron returns with their newest single, Liebe in Mir Vernichtet, from their 2009 EP Tief in Mir. Blending seductive male vocals with ethereal female vocals over engaging music, Caisaron are a highly enjoyable act. With an album and an EP under their belt, Liebe in Mir Vernichtet marks Caisaron’s third release. The original cut of “Liebe in Mir Vernichtet” was slow, dramatic, and dark. Caisaron revisits this track with a much more danceable single mix, blending their signature atmospheric vocals with a bouncy beat and simple dance electronics.

However, while the title track is strong – arguably stronger than the original version – once again remixes bring down the whole release. Fortunately though, there is some balance. Ray Gordon’s Raytracer mix is comparable to the single mix, though with some much needed bass added in and a slightly different, still danceable variation to the music. The People Theatre’s Nacht mix is dramatic and soothing, though ultimately not as engaging as the other tracks. The single is dragged down by the DJ Crocks mix; at over eight-and-a-half minutes, it is roughly as long as the other two remixes combined, and it is far too long to be engaging (though it serves as decent background music).

Caisaron has a strong sound working for them. Liebe in Mir Vernichtet shows that they should keep to their original strong sound for the next release; there are few times where a remix can truly elevate an album, and Caisaron doesn’t need it to strengthen their sound.
Track list:

  1. Liebe in Mir Vernichtet (Single Mix)
  2. Liebe in Mir Vernichtet (Raytracer Mix by Ray Gordon)
  3. Liebe in Mir Vernichtet (DJ Crocks Mix)
  4. Liebe in Mir Vernichtet (People Theatre’s Nacht Mix)

Caisaron Website http://www.caisaron.de
Caisaron MySpace http://www.myspace.com/caisaron
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