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C-Lekktor - X-Tension in ProgressC-Lekktor
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: X-Tension in Progress
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: With their first album since 2010, Mexico’s C-Lekktor retains their harsh, aggressive style while adding some intriguing new elements to their music.


Mexico’s hard electro duo C-Lekktor is back with X-Tension in Progress, their first CD since 2010’s EP Tendencias Suicidas. As a band, C-Lekktor has been together for nearly a decade, while vocalist Markko has been a DJ in Mexico’s electronic scene for even longer. Their latest CD, mixed and mastered by Jan Lehmkämper of X-Fusion and Noisuf-X fame, introduces a new bag of party tricks including female vocals and complex, layered instrumentals.

The album begins with a dark, driving beat overlaid with distortion and spoken samples. It quickly transitions into the second track, “Hellektro Convulsion Therapy,” an aptly named fusion of noise and beats. The frenetic sampling and harsh vocals are evocative of C-Lekktor’s earlier work but the underlying harmonics also introduce the listener to some of the newer aspects of the band’s music. Progressing through the album, the listener is quickly jettisoned into down a dark and forbidding path, alternating between overwhelming discordance and menacing beats. Midway through the album, “El Comienzo De La Muerte” is an excellent track featuring a hauntingly danceable harmony under Markko’s growling lyrics. Two of the more adventurous pieces are “In Memorian” and “In the Other Life,” both of which showcase the use of female vocals for the first time. The execution feels a bit clumsy at some points, but it provides an interesting glimpse into the possibilities that could be explored in future releases.

X-Tension in Progress is a good album that takes the typical aggrotech sound and adds new layers to it. Like a roadmap to the apocalypse, it a blends a seemingly discordant mix of raw aggression, hellish beats, and melodic undertones and spits out a vision of a fiery dance floor and presents a new, evolving look for C-Lekktor.
Track list:

  1. Plug In
  2. Hellektro Convulsion Therapy
  3. Alteracion
  4. Dark Reflection
  5. El Comienzo De La Muerte
  6. In Memorian
  7. X-Tension in Progress
  8. Wrecked
  9. Sick of You
  10. Welcome to My World
  11. Trastorno
  12. In the Other Life
  13. Hardbeat [Mu]-Sickk

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