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c.db.sn - Terrestrialc.db.sn
Category: IDM / Ambient / Experimental
Album: Terrestrial
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A collection of material to complete the c.db.sn experience so far.


Beyond the two full-length albums and remix album already released by Denver’s c.db.sn, mastermind Chase Dobson has contributed to numerous compilations, remixes, and collaborations. Terrestrial compiles these works along with B-sides, and other previously unreleased material into one epic remastered collection. Terrestrial shows off the range and scope of c.db.sn’s brand of hypnotic ambient electronics through its young life.

Throughout the collection, listeners will find intricate and complex IDM structures, droning otherworldly ambient work, and at times, almost pop-like atmosphere. Of the collaborative work exhibited, c.db.sn’s work with Anklebiter in “CO Recursion” is one of the more significant highlights of the album, offering up a smooth, relaxing, and uplifting track. The appropriately titled “Calm Amidst Turbulent Seas” is another great example of c.db.sn’s ability to tap into something primordial as subtle piano, slow jazzy percussion, a deep omnipresent bass line, and ghostly guitar riffs mix with droning synth to hit just the right notes to bring on an almost euphoric calm. Those who missed “AThousandMiles” on Tympanik Audio’s exceptional Accretion compilation are in for a substantial treat from this lovely, haunting track that showcases what c.db.sn can do when integrating vocals into its already intoxicating style. Later tracks like “Waiting So Long” and “Pass You By” also show off a great skill in bringing vocals into the c.db.sn IDM fold. The extensive collection does occasionally lend itself to fading off into the background as some tracks are somewhat lacking in personality, but to the album’s credit, there is always a stellar track around the corner that will snap the album right back to the forefront of the listener’s mind and force one to pay attention.

With 21 tracks clocking in at just over two hours, Terrestrial is a beefy and exhaustive collection that really shouldn’t be missed. The fact that it is a compilation of assorted work and at times shows the touches of the other artists c.db.sn has worked with, the work can understandably be a little disjointed and some of the tracks are easily forgettable, likely unreleased for a reason. That being said, the highlights of the album significantly outweigh the few times the album doesn’t shine and make Terrestrial the sort of album you throw on, sit back, and let wash over you.
Track list:

  1. Of Tundras and Glaciers
  2. Brim Liski – Fight (c.db.sn Remix)
  3. 4amcatataq
  4. Ghosts in the Clocktower – Ae Ghoeb (c.db.sn Remix)
  5. Motionless, by Harvest’s Moon Light We Lie
  6. Anklebiter feat. c.db.sn – CO Recursion
  7. Architect – Pure (c.db.sn Remix)
  8. A Silent Sea
  9. Ghost of a Piano
  10. athousandmiles
  11. Furtherscape
  12. Calm Amidst Turbulent Seas
  13. Airport051610
  14. Zyxt – T.O.W (c.db.sn Remix)
  15. Lost Transmission
  16. Waiting So Long
  17. Snowday
  18. Sun on My Face
  19. The Singularity is Near
  20. able~gen
  21. Pass You By

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