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c.db.sn - ...At the End of It Allc.db.sn
Category: Electronica / IDM / Post-Industrial
Album: …At the End of It All
Stars: 3
Blurb: c.db.sn crafts an intricately structured album that combines his strong sense of atmosphere and storytelling with influences from IDM and techno.


…At the End of It All is the second solo album from c.db.sn, also known as Chase Dobson. His first album, Into the Deep relied heavily on ambience and atmosphere to tell his story. With his current album, influences from IDM, post-industrial, and techno are more evident. Combined with his sense of melody and dynamics, he has managed to produce an album that is elegant and captivating.

“The Stillness of Hours” is a stirring, cinematic opener to the album. It conveys the loneliness and emptiness that one might expect at the end of your days, woven with fleeting slivers of warm, organic texture. With its precise beats and carefully layered sampling, the song flows easily into the title track, “…At the End of It All.” Despite its ominous name, the song exudes a simple grace and delicacy. The soaring harmony weaves in and out of the leisurely beat and transports the listener into a tranquil, dreamlike state. “Artificial Intelligence” and “Data Transmit” shed some of that softness in favour of a futuristic façade and stronger glitch work. “Certain is the Plague of Fables” is perhaps the most interesting track for the intensely emotional, climatic drama that it evokes. The harmonies create a sense of triumph and hope, warring with the sounds of cold, mechanized technology.

With this release, c.db.sn has certainly surpassed his previous solo effort. Where the title might make one expect a darker tone, the album feels more existential and conveys more depth of emotion. There is a feeling of careful design in this album, from the layers of glitch to the interweaving of melody and percussion. The one downside of this album is the tendency towards continually repeating beats and glitches. While over the course of the album, there is variation, tone, and evolution, it can seem repetitive. However, with …At the End of It All, c.db.sn still manages to do what many glitch-based artists do not: he tells a story that is human and full of feeling. For that, this album is definitely worth a listen.
Track list:

  1. The Stillness of Hours
  2. …At the End of It All
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. A Map of the Human Heart
  5. A Silent Sea
  6. Airport [Never_Land]
  7. Data Transmit
  8. Certain is the Plague of Fables
  9. Seven Days Warning
  10. The Stars Falling Cold
  11. As If December Never Happened

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