May 2013 30 - ...At the End of It All
Category: Industrial / IDM
Album: …At the End of It All Remixed
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A remix companion album that magnifies some of the best aspects of the original album.


A companion piece to’s 2011 Tympanik debut album, …At the End of It All Remixed takes the work of Denver based musician and producer Chase Dobson and offers it up to several other great IDM artists to put their own personal touches on it. This collection of remix artists playfully warps and twists the glitchy rhythms and rich emotional tapestry of’s work, hitting nearly every track from the original album and drawing out what they each apparently found to be the most striking aspect of the work.

Tineidae starts things off with “This Stillness of Hours” not straying too much from the song’s original style, but accentuates the lovely harmonies and haunting synth work of it. It’s with Architect’s take on “Seven Days Warning” that we start to see things more drastically reworked when, as the title suggests, it takes a more “Oldschool” IDM approach, sounding more the mid ‘90s work of artists like Autechre and Richard H. Kirk. Sean Byrd and Displacer each do a superb job of further drawing out the trip-hop aspects of their respective tracks, focusing on the smooth, warm, and dreamy elements of the music. Throughout the album, the core elements of are brought to the forefront, but herein lies the only real issue – while integrated a wide variety of styles and sounds into its original work, there was still an overall style that kept things cohesive. In the reworking of the tracks and the greater focus given to some of these influences, some of the cohesion is lost and this can occasionally lead to a bit too jarring a segue between tracks, but that is a common issue with most remix albums.

Offered by Tympanik Audio as a name-your-price album, there really is no reason for those who already own …At the End of It All to not get this remix album for it does greatly complement the original album and highlights aspects of the songs that may have been overlooked on first listen. The album also acts as a great introduction to’s work that is sure to raise interest in, and can also easily function as a tool to truly help appreciate what the artist has to offer.
Track list:

  1. This Stillness of Hours (Remix by Tineidae)
  2. Seven Days Warning (Oldschool Remix by Architect)
  3. A Map of the Human Heart (Remix by Larvae)
  4. Airport [Never_Land] (Remix by Sean Byrd)
  5. Certain is the Plague of Fables (Remix by Worms of the Earth)
  6. …At the End of It All (Remix by Displacer)
  7. Artificial Intelligence (Remix by Access to Arasaka)
  8. Seven Days Warning (Remix by Consolectrl)
  9. As If December Never Happened (Remix by Anklebiter)
  10. A Silent Sea (Waiting for Godot Remix by Erode) Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Bandcamp
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